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Illegal immigration

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The illegal immigration problem= “Insurrection, invasion, domestic threat, dereliction of duty”






On reform, Former Congresswoman and Chair of the US Commision on Immigration Reform Barbara Jordan, R-Texas, said it best back in 1994. “The credibility of immigration policy can be measured by a simple yardstick: people who should get in, do get in; people who should not get in, are kept out; and people who are judged deportable, are required to leave.”

How ironic 15 years later that we have such a comprehensive and exasperated problem, and a major majority of both US citizens and NY citizens agree with Mrs Jordan!

As of Nov. 2009 ALIPAC reports:  81000 Americans killed by illegal aliens since 9-11 (this is 10 times more than has been killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined)

Cost projection if we continue at current pace:

(cost in billions [ just NY])  2005- $3,495,  2008- $5,100,  2010- $5,669,  2020-$9,410

Population projection if unchecked: current 304 million, by 2050 will be 440 million (not only is this dangerous in numerous ways but as a nation we simply will be not able to financially support this)

Immigration Voting Profiles:    Members in GREEN have records of strong support for lower immigration and a more stabilized U.S. population and laborforce.  (note: there are no  NY members left)  Members in BLACK have broadly mixed records of voting for both higher and lower immigration, or they are new to Congress with few actions to gauge. Members in RED have consistently pressed for high U.S. population growth, immigration and foreign labor importation.

Obama, Barack (Retired) – View 
Pelosi, Nancy (CA) – View
Reid, Harry (Senator – NV) – View




New York
Gillibrand, Kirsten (Senator) – View Schumer, Charles (Senator) – View

Ackerman, Gary (District 05) – View Arcuri, Michael A. (District 24) – ViewBishop, Timothy (District 01) – ViewClarke, Yvette (District 11) – ViewCrowley, Joseph (District 07) – ViewEngel, Eliot (District 17) – ViewHall, John (District 19) – ViewHiggins, Brian (District 27) – ViewHinchey, Maurice (District 22) – View
Israel, Steve (District 02) – View
King, Peter (District 03) – View
Lee, Christopher (District 26) – View
Lowey, Nita (District 18) – View
Maffei, Dan (District 25) – View
Maloney, Carolyn (District 14) – View
Massa, Eric (District 29) – View
McCarthy, Carolyn (District 04) – View
McMahon, Michael (District 13) – View
Meeks, Gregory (District 06) – View
Murphy, Scott (District 20) – View
Nadler, Jerrold (District 08) – View
Owens, Bill (District 23) – View
Rangel, Charles (District 15) – View
Serrano, Jose (District 16) – View
Slaughter, Louise (District 28) – View
Tonko, Paul (District 21) – View
Towns, Edolphus (District 10) – View
Velazquez, Nydia (District 12) – View
Weiner, Anthony (District 09) – View
Clinton, Hillary (Retired) – View



Costs of Illegal Immigration to New Yorkers

F.A.I.R. Executive Summary

Analysis based on current estimates of the illegal alien population residing in New York indicates that population is costing the state’s taxpayers more than $5.1 billion per year for education, medical care and incarceration. That annual tax burden amounts to about $874 per New York household headed by a native-born resident. Even if the estimated $730 million in sales, income and property taxes collected from illegal immigrants are subtracted from the fiscal outlays, net costs still amount to more than $4.5 billion per year.

The three cost areas discussed in this analysis (education, health care and incarceration resulting from illegal immigration) are the major cost areas. They are the same three program areas analyzed in a 1994 study conducted by the Urban Institute, which provides a useful baseline for comparison. Other studies have been conducted in the interim, showing trends that support the conclusions of this report.

Even without accounting for all of the numerous other areas in which costs associated with illegal immigration are being incurred by New York taxpayers, the program areas analyzed in this study indicate that the burden is substantial and that the costs are rapidly increasing.

The more than $5.1 billion in costs incurred by New York taxpayers annually result from outlays in the following areas:

  • Education. Based on estimates of the illegal immigrant population in New York and documented costs of K-12 schooling, New Yorkers spend more than $4.3 billion annually on education for the children of illegal immigrants. This estimate does not include programs for limited English students, remedial educational programs or breakfast and lunch programs available to students from low-income families. An estimated 11.7 percent of the K-12 public school students in New York are children of illegal aliens. 

  • Health care. Taxpayer-funded, unreimbursed medical outlays for health care provided to the state’s illegal alien population amount to an estimated $690 million a year.

  • Incarceration. The uncompensated cost of incarcerating deportable illegal aliens in New York’s state and local prisons amounts to about $165 million a year. This estimate includes only prison costs and not short-term or other detention costs, related law enforcement and judicial expenditures, or the monetary costs of the crimes that led to incarceration.

The fiscal costs of illegal immigration borne by state taxpayers do not end with these three major cost areas. The total local costs of illegal immigration is considerably higher if other cost areas such as preventive health programs, special English instruction, interpretation services in courts and hospitals, welfare programs used by the U.S.-born children of illegal aliens, or welfare benefits for American workers displaced by illegal alien workers are also calculated.

If illegal immigrants obtained legal work status, and eventual permanent residence and possible citizenship, as currently advocated by the Bush administration and approved by the U.S. Senate, state income tax collections might increase, but this likely would be outweighed by increased eligibility for public services available to low-income families. In addition, the possibility for family members of the current illegal alien population to come to the United States to reunite families would increase the size of the poverty and near-poverty population using public services.

ICE Annual Report Fiscal Year 2008

Executive Summary

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the largest investigative agency within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and is tasked with a broad law enforcement mission related to strengthening the nation’s immigration system, combating cross-border and financial crime, protecting federal facilities and more.

In fiscal year 2008 (FY08), ICE marked its fifth year as a federal agency. With a 17,000-strong workforce, ICE’s presence is felt throughout the United States and around the globe. The FY08 annual report details the results that ICE achieved in its critical homeland security mission in the last fiscal year.

In FY08, ICE made significant strides in virtually every area of the agency’s mission, including the following:

  • Removed illegal aliens. ICE removed 356,739 illegal aliens from the United States—a 23.5 percent increase over the previous year’s total. This includes more than 100,000 who returned to their home countries voluntarily.

  • Launched removal proceedings against criminal aliens. ICE issued 221,085 charging documents to start removal proceedings against criminal aliens incarcerated in federal prisons—a 46 percent increase over the previous year’s total.

  • Developed and implemented Secure Communities program. ICE developed Secure Communities as a comprehensive plan to assist local communities to identify and remove criminal aliens. In addition, ICE’s Rapid REPAT initiative was launched in FY08 to expedite voluntary returns of criminal aliens in U.S. jails and prisons in exchange for early parole. More than 1,100 criminal aliens were removed from the U.S. under this program.

  • Reduced the population of fugitive aliens through aggressive enforcement. ICE’s Fugitive Operations program, for a second consecutive year, continued to make solid progress in reducing the fugitive alien population, with arrests of 34,155 fugitives and an overall reduction in the fugitive backlog of more than six percent.

  • Supported law enforcement officers with immigration enforcement information. ICE’s Law Enforcement Support Center responded to more than 807,000 queries from law enforcement officers in the field as to the immigration status of aliens held in police custody—an increase of nearly 11 percent from the previous year.

  • Extended immigration law enforcement authority under the 287(g) program. ICE’s 287(g) program, which delegates limited immigration enforcement authority to participating state and local law enforcement agencies, has grown to include 67 agencies. These agreements have resulted in nearly 74,000 aliens being identified for removal from the United States since 2006.

  • Fought cross-border crime and violence under the ICE Border Enforcement Security Task Forces (BEST). ICE’s BEST initiative, which targets cross-border crime, was responsible for 1,000 criminal arrests and 1,256 administrative arrests—taken together, a 35 percent increase over the previous year’s total. There are now 12 BEST teams operating along U.S. borders.

  • Led a multi-agency operation to target the illegal export of firearms to Mexico. ICE counter-proliferation investigations into illegal exports of weapons, weapons components and controlled technology led to 175 arrests. In addition, ICE launched Operation Armas Cruzadas, a multi-agency initiative targeting the illegal export of firearms from the United States to Mexico, with 14 investigations launched in FY08.

  • Conducted investigations of illicit trade in cultural treasures. ICE conducted 196 cultural heritage investigations, resulting in 53 seizures of artifacts to be repatriated to their countries of origin.

  • Conducted document and benefit fraud investigations. ICE conducted 3,636 document and benefit fraud investigations in FY08, making 1,652 criminal arrests, 1,776 administrative arrests and seizures of nearly $10.3 million. Meanwhile, the ICE-led Document and Benefit Fraud Task Force initiative, located in 17 cities nationwide, launched 563 investigations leading to 1,216 arrests and $2.4 million in seizures.

  • Arrested human traffickers and smugglers and provided training to law enforcement counterparts. ICE conducted 432 human trafficking investigations in FY08 resulting in 189 criminal arrests and 483 administrative arrests. The agency also launched more than 2,300 investigations into human smuggling resulting in 2,138 arrests. ICE provided training to more than 12,000 federal, state and local law enforcement officers in investigative techniques that help identify potential cases.

  • Cracked down on forced labor and conducted investigations around the world. The campaign to crack down on forced labor has, over the last two years, led to a doubling of ICE investigations.

  • Enforcement at worksites. ICE worksite enforcement actions continue to garner outstanding results, with 1,103 criminal arrests and 5,184 administrative arrests in FY08—taken together, an increase of 27 percent over the previous year’s worksite arrests.

  • Initiated debarment proceedings. ICE secured nearly $21 million in criminal fines, penalties and forfeitures against offending employers in worksite enforcement cases. Under a new initiative, ICE launched debarment proceedings against seven companies with employment violations to bar them from receiving federal contracts.

  • Led investigations in narcotics trafficking and smuggling cases. ICE continued its leadership in narcotics trafficking and smuggling cases, making 8,396 arrests in narcotics investigations and seizing 120,703 lbs. of cocaine; 2,418 lbs. of heroin; 4,088 lbs. of methamphetamine; and 1.09 million lbs. of marijuana.

  • Targeted transnational gang members. Operation Community Shield, targeting violent transnational gangs, marked a major milestone with the initiative’s 10,000th arrest. In FY08, Community Shield tallied 1,654 criminal arrests and 2,211 administrative arrests.

  • Targeted child sexual predators and all those who prey on and exploit children. Investigations under Operation Predator, initiated in 2003 to target child sexual predators, pornographers and others who exploit children, resulted in 1,140 arrests and 435 removals of sex offenders from the United States in FY08. More than 11,000 predators have been arrested since the program’s launch. In addition, ICE launched Operation Angel Watch, an intelligence-driven investigative initiative targeting child sex tourism.

  • Enhanced efficiency and management of detention facilities. ICE continued improving the management of immigration detention facilities, with the average stay for all detainees decreasing to approximately 30 days in FY08—down from 89 days five years before.

  • Increased detainee health care screenings. ICE’s health care professionals performed more than 229,750 comprehensive medical screenings of detainees, an increase of nearly 25 percent over the previous fiscal year.

  • Increased number of financial investigations. ICE conducted 3,534 financial investigations in FY08, netting 1,182 arrests, as well as more than $260 million in seizures, an increase of about 81 percent over the previous year.

  • Seized major cash amounts in bulk currency smuggling investigations. ICE’s bulk cash smuggling investigations under Operation Firewall resulted in 103 arrests and cash seizures of more than $51 million.

  • Targeted trade-based money laundering worldwide. ICE’s Trade Transparency Units, now active in five countries and focusing on money laundering and illegal trade transactions, launched 51 investigations leading to seizures of $4.5 million.

  • Outreach to industry on financial crime. ICE’s Cornerstone initiative conducted more than 880 outreach presentations to approximately 21,400 industry attendees, focusing on methods used by criminal organizations to exploit financial, trade and transportation systems and developing solutions to financial crime.

  • Opened the new National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center. The center headed by ICE opened in July 2008, improving cooperation on intellectual property rights investigations and providing training to industry and law enforcement in best practices. In FY08, ICE conducted 1,385 investigations leading to 446 arrests and more than $110 million in seized counterfeit merchandise.

  • Increased computer forensic examinations to fight cyber crimes. In FY08 the Cyber Crimes Center completed 2,531 computer forensic examinations of more than 16,400 media instruments, including laptop and desktop computers, hard drives, memory sticks and more.

  • Confirmed travel and identity documents to support law enforcement. The Forensic Document Laboratory responded to nearly 3,500 requests from law enforcement to confirm travel and identity documents and completed 5,395 requests for forensic examinations of suspect documents. In addition, ICE provided forensic document training to 2,888 law enforcement officers in FY08.

  • Remained vigilant in tracking student and exchange visitors. ICE’s Student and Exchange Visitor Program maintained up-to-date information on more than 978,500 students and exchange visitors in the United States along with 127,640 of their dependents, while preparing for the launch of the upgraded Student and Exchange Visitor Information System platform in the coming fiscal year.

  • Exemplified excellent legal work in support of the ICE mission. ICE’s attorneys support the agency’s law enforcement mission, handling more than 94,000 removal cases, 10,495 bonds and 21,483 motions to reopen or reconsider. In addition, ICE scored significant increases in removal orders against aliens arrested in Operation Predator and Operation Community Shield investigations. ICE’s legal staff also worked on more than 1,000 special interest cases related to human rights violators.

  • Enhanced administrative and mission support. ICE’s professional management staff provided the highest level of administrative support to the agency’s mission. The agency improved financial management; made major improvements in information technology and information security; enhanced hiring, training and development; and continued to streamline acquisition and contracting functions.

  • Provided security to federal facilities nationwide. ICE’s Federal Protective Service provided security at nearly 9,000 federal facilities, conducting more than 2,500 building security assessments and making 1,888 arrests, while conducting numerous investigations and preventing hundreds of thousands of prohibited and potentially dangerous items from being brought into federal buildings.

As ICE has matured, the agency has worked to reduce boundaries that have traditionally separated law enforcement agencies, focusing on a number of initiatives that emphasize partnership with other federal, state and local agencies. Developing and enhancing these partnerships has been a top priority for the agency in recent years, and significant progress was made in FY08 in strengthening this force-multiplier approach. The agency will continue developing this approach in the coming fiscal year.


Societal Issues-Domestic Issues

The Ethics of Immigration
A debate among three professors on the ethics of immigration is summarized here. The opposing views focus on the ethics of immigration restriction from an internationalist perspective and from a national perspective.
Examples of Serious Crimes of Illegal Aliens
News accounts of crimes that may have been prevented if the alien had been deported or stopped from entering the country illegally.
Comprehensive Reform
America needs an immigration policy in accord with national security, the economy, the environment, and absorptive capacity.
Public Opinion Polls
National and state polls find Americans want well-enforced, sensible immigration laws with lower limits.
Questions and Answers
Q&A on immigration policy and its effects.
Roman Catholic Perspective
The Catholic hierarchy’s lobbying goals for immigration are radical, expansive, and generous to a fault.
Non-Citizen Voting in Federal Elections
Reports document illegal voting by non-citizens in federal elections.
The Wages of Agricultural Workers
Experts disprove the claim that higher wages due to increased immigration enforcement would lead to a major increase in the cost of food.
Criminal Aliens
Criminal aliens are a growing threat to public safety and national security, as well as a drain on our scarce criminal justice resources.
Hate Crimes
Hate Crimes and Illegal Immigration
Mass immigration has led to the growth of enormous ethnic enclaves where assimilation is less likely than in years past.
Current Immigration in Historical Perspective
Never before has immigration from one country been so massive.
Immigration is importing poverty and undermining efforts to assist our own poor and disadvantaged.
School Overcrowding
Classroom overcrowding is attributable to mass immigration.
Why Immigration Can’t Solve the Social Security Deficit
More foreign workers means more future retirees creating an endless, and increasingly costly, treadmill.
Unlicensed to Kill
Illegal aliens are a hit-and-run threat
Illegal Aliens in Elections and the Electoral College
The federal government has turned a blind eye to the fact that fraudulent voting by noncitizens could determine an election outcomes
Dual Nationality
U.S practice and problem areas.
Anchor Baby: Part of the Immigration-Related American Lexicon
The term “anchor baby” may be unfamiliar to most Americans but it succinctly describes a troubling aspect of American immigration.
When Breaking the Law by Hiring Illegal Aliens Doesn’t Pay
The biggest incentive for illegal aliens to come to the United States is to find work. If there are no employers willing to hire the illegal aliens, then the flood of illegal aliens will subside. The Immigration and Reform Act of 1986 outlawed hiring illegal alien workers, although common practice has proven that measure ineffective.

Criminal Aliens

A top priority for ICE has been to target the “worst of the worst” in the illegal population— criminal aliens incarcerated in U.S. prisons and jails; those who may pose a threat to national security or public safety; and fugitive aliens who have been ordered removed from the United States but have failed to depart.

The agency has developed a number of specialized initiatives designed to address the challenges posed by this population of aliens.

Criminal Alien Program

The criminal alien population has been a persistent challenge for law enforcement. In the past, these aliens, housed in federal, state and local prisons and jails, have been difficult to identify and track. However, more readily affordable data integration and communication technology has made it possible for law enforcement authorities to work together to identify criminal aliens in prisons and jails nationwide—and to target them for removal from the United States at the ends of their sentences.

ICE’s Criminal Alien Program (CAP), launched in 2007 through the merger of two earlier programs, is now at work screening inmates in all 114 federal prison facilities. In FY08, a total of 221,085 charging documents were issued to initiate removal proceedings against criminal aliens in U.S. prisons and jails—a 46 percent increase over the previous year’s total.

Fugitive Operations

Reducing the population of fugitive aliens—those who have been ordered removed from the United States but have absconded when ordered to report for removal—has been a priority for ICE since the agency’s founding.

ICE’s National Fugitive Operations Program (NFOP) is the clearing-house for fugitive cases, referring leads to ICE Fugitive Operations Teams (FOT) in the field. These specially trained investigative teams are dedicated to locating and arresting fugitives for removal from the United States, with a particular focus on targeting those who have been convicted of crimes and pose the greatest threat to public safety. In fact, the program has been so successful that, in FY08, Congress authorized funding for an additional 29 FOT nationwide. The total number of active FOT at the end of the fiscal year was 99.

These efforts continued to pay dividends in FY08 as ICE arrested 34,155 fugitives, which is an increase of more than 12 percent over the previous year. This has led to a six percent reduction in the number of open fugitive alien cases from the beginning of the fiscal year with nearly 37,000 fugitive alien cases resolved. At the end of FY08, there were 557,762 such cases remaining.

ICE also spearheads various joint fugitive task forces in communities throughout the nation, through which ICE agents coordinate and collaborate with other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to share information leading to the arrest and removal of fugitive aliens.

Law Enforcement Support Center

The Law Enforcement Support Center (LESC) in Williston, Vt., is one of ICE’s top resources for sharing information with state and local partners. The LESC provides around-the-clock support to ICE and federal, state and local law enforcement by supplying information on immigration status and identity information on suspects. Law enforcement officers across the nation know they can contact the LESC for rapid feedback on the status and identity of foreign-born individuals in their custody or under investigation.

In FY08, LESC responded to 807,106 queries from law enforcement on the immigration status of aliens in police custody—an increase of nearly 11 percent over the previous year’s total. In addition, LESC issued 16,423 detention orders for criminal and fugitive aliens; fielded 156,815 phone inquiries to the ICE/DHS tip line; and logged 36,447 criminal warrants and immigration violators into the National Crime Information Center database.


To bolster ICE’s criminal alien operations, the agency rolled out the Rapid REPAT (Removal of Eligible Parolees Accepted for Transfer) program in FY08. Rapid REPAT is a pilot program that allows non-violent criminal aliens to undergo voluntary repatriation to their home countries on an expedited basis. Selected non-violent criminal aliens serving sentences in state detention facilities can accept early parole in exchange for voluntary removal to their home countries. Should an alien removed under the Rapid REPAT program violate their agreement and return to the United States, they would face federal charges and be required to complete their state sentence.
To date, Rapid REPAT programs have been launched in Arizona, Georgia, New York, Puerto Rico and Rhode Island, with plans to expand to additional locations in FY09. In FY08, ICE removed a total of 1,129 individuals under the Rapid REPAT program.

Secure Communities

…On July 23, 2008, ICE agents deported a 62-year-old convicted Croatian terrorist, who hijacked a plane in 1976 and also planted a bomb in Grand Central Terminal that killed a New York City police officer. Convicted in 1977, Zvonko Busic was removed from the country following his release from federal prison…

In FY08, ICE built upon CAP’s success by expanding it to include the new Secure Communities program, a comprehensive plan to assist local communities to identify and remove criminal aliens. Secure Communities goes beyond the illegal alien population in federal prisons. The multi-year Secure Communities plan targets criminal aliens housed in the 3,100 state and local prisons and jails in the United States.

Congress requested that Secure Communities accomplish four major goals:

  • identify and process all criminal aliens subject to removal while in federal, state and local custody;

  • enhance ICE detention strategies to ensure no removable alien is released into the community because of a lack of detention space or an appropriate alternative to detention;

  • implement removal initiatives that reduce the time aliens remain in ICE custody before removal; and

  • maximize cost effectiveness and long-term success through reduced recidivism.

The program takes a risk-based approach toward identifying and removing criminal aliens by focusing on those who pose the greatest threat to the public. In its initial phase, Secure Communities is targeting the worst of the worst, including criminals convicted of major drug crimes and/or violent offenses such as robbery, rape and murder.

Secure Communities’ success relies upon the use of interoperable communication and data integration technologies, which allow for greater coordination and collaboration with state and local law enforcement agencies. ICE has already expanded the use of video teleconferencing (VTC) technology to streamline the interviewing process that ICE uses to identify and process criminal aliens.

ICE’s Detention Enforcement and Processing Offenders by Remote Technology (DEPORT) Center, established in FY06, uses VTC to identify criminal aliens in federal custody by conducting interviews of inmates in locations nationwide from a central location in Chicago. In FY08, the DEPORT Center screened 17,125 inmates in federal prison facilities to determine their status.

Sharing interoperable technology allows local officers to receive information on the arrestee’s immigration history at the same time they process an arrestee’s fingerprints through federal criminal databases. This automated process ensures that ICE is notified when follow-up interviews or action is necessary.

Violent Criminal Alien Section

In February 2008, in a proactive effort to respond to the challenge of identifying criminal aliens who have re-entered the United States illegally, the ICE initiated operation “Repeat Offender.”

The Violent Criminal Alien Section (VCAS) was created under operation “Repeat Offender” in an effort to increase deterrence and reduce future recidivism rates of violent criminal aliens. The VCAS screens recidivist criminal aliens encountered through CAP, the NFOP, the Joint Criminal Alien Removal Task Force and the Law Enforcement Agency Response Unit. In coordination with the U.S. Attorney’s Offices (USAO), the VCAS works to prioritize federal criminal prosecution of egregious recidivist criminal aliens for felony violations. Illegal reentry after deportation is currently one of the most prosecuted federal offenses nationwide.

In FY08, the VCAS initiated 9,926 cases, of which the USAO accepted 6,793 for criminal prosecution. The VCAS generated an increase of criminal prosecutions accepted by the USAO by 275 percent from the 1,808 cases accepted FY07. The VCAS also secured 4,248 indictments and information and 2,977 criminal convictions in FY08.

287(g) Immigration Enforcement Authority

One of ICE’s primary partnership initiatives, the 287(g) program allows a state and local law enforcement entity to enter into a partnership with ICE, under a joint memorandum of agreement (MOA) to receive training and delegated authority for immigration enforcement within their jurisdictions. The 287(g) program has emerged as one of ICE’s most successful and popular partnership initiatives as more state and local leaders have come to understand how a shared approach to immigration enforcement can benefit their communities.

Taking its name from the section of the Immigration and Nationality Act under which it is authorized, the 287(g) program requires participating agencies to receive four weeks of specialized training in immigration enforcement at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center facility in Charleston, S.C.
The 287(g) program has rapidly grown since ICE expanded it in 2005: There were 67 agencies participating as of the end of FY08. Also in FY08, an additional 357 officers received 287(g) training and certification, bringing the total to more than 950. Since 2005, more than 73,800 aliens have been identified for potential removal under this program.

“We are proud and excited for our corrections deputies that have successfully completed this comprehensive training program presented by ICE. Our deputies will be able to utilize their new skills to quickly identify those who are illegally in the country that have committed a crime which could result in deportation. This is a collaborative effort and just one step in the mission to make our community a safer place to live.”
—Sheriff W. Brad Steube, Manatee Co., Fla., on the ICE 287(g) program;




by Mr. C. David Skinner Department of Army Civilian and Dr. Louis J. Nigro, Jr. Project Adviser


Additional proposals being discussed in Congress are a variety of bills aimed at tougher

enforcement of existing immigration laws. Senators Pete Domenici (R-NM) and Byron Dorgan

(D-ND) are working together on a bill to strengthen U.S. border protection and enforcement by

hiring hundreds more immigration officers, judges, and prosecutors to accelerate the

“processing” of immigrants. Their bill also includes millions of dollars for additional fences,

barriers, and surveillance technology. The House has begun deliberations on a similar

immigration enforcement bill mostly authored by Representative Peter King (R-NY). It should

be no surprise that a new effort on immigration reform should come from a state so far away

from the U.S.-Mexican border since New York ranks as third highest in the number of illegal

immigrants living within its borders. The House bill directs the Department of Homeland

Security and Department of Defense to coordinate a border strategy that provides 100 percent

coverage of the border through fences, aerial surveillance, and other technology. This bill, while

specifically targeting illegal immigration enforcement, also attempts to force the Administration

to take action on the current “catch and release” policy. While most Mexican illegals are

immediately returned to Mexico, there are approximately 100,000 “other than Mexican” (OTM)

illegals captured every year. The current policy processes OTMs and then releases them into

the U.S. on their own recognizance in hopes that they will come back later to be deported when

the paperwork and negotiation with their country of origin is completed. Obviously, very few

voluntarily return to be deported. The specific provision of this bill that will force the issue is a

requirement for Homeland Security to contract for more holding space, i.e., detention facilities.

The second is to penalize those countries that delay or refuse to take back those people the

U.S. wants to deport by withholding legal visas for citizens of that country that are following

procedures and want to come to the U.S.



Opposition. Radical groups like La Raza, and this below, for example:

One of the most vocal opponents of restrictionist immigration policy towards illegal immigrants is the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The Service Employees International Union, representing principally building trades, state and health care workers, grew from 650,000 members in 1980 to over 2 million members in 2009 [18], in large part by organizing immigrant labor, many of whom worked illegally.

For more on SEIU and ACORN, operating extensively in New York State, along with their political arm the Working Families (not) Party, see our page in the menu above.

Change in Attitude of the AFL-CIO

By the early 1980s the AFL-CIO, under president Lane Kirkland, began to believe that the United States is unable to effectively reduce the flow of illegal immigration, so laws to restrict immigration are inherently ineffective. They argued that one central reason for this is that the disparities between the quality of life in the United States and in the principal sending countries of illegal immigrants are so great that many people will attempt to enter the United States no matter what the potential risks [16].

Two of the most vocal opponents of restrictionist immigration policy towards illegal immigrants were the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE) [17]. The Service Employees International Union, representing principally building trades, state and health care workers, grew from 650,000 members in 1980 to over 2 million members in 2009 [18], in large part by organizing immigrant labor, many of whom worked illegally. Justice for Janitors, perhaps the union’s most seminal and successful campaign, highlights the union’s organization of immigrant labor [19]. UNITE was born of a merger between the ILGWU and the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (ACTWU), both of which have strong histories of opposition to restrictive immigration policies [20].

The AFL-CIO increasingly believed illegal immigrants to be much harder to organize than legal immigrants, as their fear of deportation and lack of legal recourse make them much easier to exploit by employers in order to prevent the unionization of their work force. Therefore, believing restricting the flow of illegal immigrants to be impossible, the AFL-CIO began to support policies favoring the legalization of illegal immigrants. One such policy was the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, which granted amnesty to an estimated 3 million illegal aliens [21].

The AFL-CIO also came to see restrictions in legal immigration as ineffective starting in the early 1980s, believing that restricting legal immigration does not actually reduce the number of immigrants entering the country; instead, it simply creates greater illegal immigration. They therefore favored, and continue to favor reforming United States immigration policy to allow for the entry of greater numbers of legal immigrants, while providing amnesty to illegal immigrants [22].

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Why Import Workers Now?
By Patrick J. Buchanan
At last week’s jobs summit, no one advanced the one obvious idea that would have the most immediate and dramatic impact—a moratorium on all immigration into the United States. We have been losing jobs every month for two years. Why, then, are we still bringing immigrants into the United States at a rate of 125,000 a month to take jobs from fellow Americans and compete with our unemployed for the jobs that open up? Is putting illegal aliens on the path to citizenship a higher priority for this Obama crowd than opening up jobs for American workers?



Illegal Aliens & the Senate Healthcare Bill — Better Than the House’s, But Still Filled With Loopholes
By Jim Edwards, Saturday, November 21, 2009
The Senate health reform bill is better than the House-passed bill, in terms of verification of immigrant or citizenship status. But the Senate bill contains a number of serious loopholes by which illegal aliens can and will obtain taxpayer-funded health coverage. This will provide a net bonus to at least a portion of illegal aliens and may well serve as yet another incentive to break U.S. immigration laws.

Recent News



Obama unveils Comprehensive Immigration Reform strategy

by Carl Braun
San Diego Immigration Policy ExaminerThough it would seem unlikely that our President would introduce a controversial immigration reform strategy on the cusp of a healthcare decision in the Senate, he did indeed do that today. DHS Secretary Napolitano introduced a broad outline for reform during a speech to the Center for America Progress this morning. In it she cited the many advances DHS has made in securing the US Border with Mexico. One of the centerpieces of this effort is the screening of 100% of southbound rail shipments for weapons and cash. While that sounds like a good thing for Mexico the logical question is this: What percent of northbound rail shipments are “screened” and what does “screening mean? Not to sound cynical but this Administration does not have a good record when it comes to spin and telling the absolute truth. The President demonstrated that clearly last week with Healthcare Reform.The plan calls for a path to citizenship for the 11 million illegal aliens already in the US.  On this the administration also seems a bit out of touch. That the vast majority of Mexican illegal invaders according to a recent  Zogby Poll have no interest in becoming American Citizens and regardless would hold primary allegiance to Mexico is apparently lost on the President and Secretary Napolitano. The White House also believes a temporary worker program will decrease the flow of illegal aliens heading north. Again, a fact unsupported by a Pew Study. His plan will provide for a temporary worker program and what a  Mexican media report calls an establishment of: “…guidelines for a migration plan that will end the criminalization of undocumented immigrants, to give a more humane treatment and tone to the immigration rules in order to end the family separation.” (roughly translated).Also contained in the proposed measures is the continued construction in some form of border barriers or fences and the use of virtual fences along the Mexican line.The Secretary’s speech, while citing the many successes necessary for the consideration of broad immigration reform neglected to mention that her agency has only secured about 10% of the nation’s borders.The speech provides early insight into the administration’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform strategy. They will announce that the border security measures required for reform have been met and that now is the time to finally fix our broken immigration system. That the foundational claims are only partly true, and specious at that, is apparently insignificant.   ~No Asylum: Second Circuit Struggles with Immigration Caseload
Posted by Ashby Jones for the Wall Street Journal, April 15, 2008Perhaps we were naive. But one of the most striking (dare we say, disillusioning?) impressions we had during our clerkship was how, well, underpolished many of the briefs were. There were grammatical errors, spelling mistakes (as bloggers, we know we can’t throw a lot of stones on this front). Even worse were the briefs containing arguments that went round in circles or went nowhere at all, case citations that just didn’t make sense. Briefs like that were not only headache-inducing, but a little depressing, too. Wow, we’d think. Does the client really know what he or she is paying for?We were reminded of that feeling this morning while reading Adam Liptak’s column in the NYT on the reams of briefs pouring into the Second Circuit from immigration lawyers. In recent years, writes Liptak, the number of immigration appeals has more than quintupled, a result of revisions to the way immigration cases are handled. Liptak cites a study revealing that seven small immigration firms each had more than 100 appeals pending in the Second Circuit in the spring of 2005.There is, Judge Robert A. Katzmann wrote for a panel of Second Circuit judges in February, a “disturbing pattern of ineffectiveness” at the lower levels of the immigration bar, one that rears its head in the appeals courts with “alarming frequency.”

Does Immigration Hurt?

By Dan McLaughlin
POSTED: November 9, 2008  
Immigration is one of those topics where emotion often overrides reason. The arguments are typically focused on illegal immigration, but when you put aside the unfairness to those who go through the legal process and the negative effects of disregard for the law, the issue is really more about whether immigration itself is good or bad, helpful or hurtful, to existing residents of this country.
The presumption against immigration is that any benefits that new residents get from society come at the expense of current citizens. Lamentably, that is often the case under the present system. The real problem, however, is not the immigrant, legal or illegal, but rather the entire system of forced transfer of wealth from one person to another that has been imposed upon Americans. Whether the beneficiary is an immigrant or a natural born citizen, the rightness or wrongness is the same.
Societies are made of people. Those societies that have more productive citizens are more productive and prosperous for all. The United States started from a set of colonies in a backward, undeveloped land and was transformed rapidly, in historical terms, into one of the most prosperous nations in the world. That transformation came about while people were not protected from failure. Many people led very difficult lives. Over time, however, those people became more productive and more prosperous. A very important factor is that failure serves a very valuable purpose in any society. Failure tells people what will not work. It shows how not to do things. Difficult times encourage people to do things differently, to try harder, and to improve the product of their efforts. When individuals are shielded from the results of failure, those valuable signals are not available and the community misses the lesson. People are rewarded for doing the wrong thing. Worse than that, other people are punished for doing the right thing. What they earn, what is rightfully theirs, is taken from them by force to support the failure or lack of effort of others. Think ”bailout” for an excellent example.
People are an investment in the future. An infant is born helpless and entirely dependent on its parents. It will take many years to develop into a productive person. When that occurs, however, the average person produces much more in his or her life span than he or she consumes. If that wasn’t the case, there never would have been a society. Development of an economy comes only from production in excess of consumption.
Many immigrants come to this country as capable adults. They are already in their productive years. Those that have little education and few skills will take jobs requiring little skill or education until they can develop their abilities to a more productive level. There are millions of stories over the course of American history of immigrants coming to this wonderful country with only the shirts on their backs. Starting with nothing, they established families, built railroads, worked in mines and struggled to make a living. Many of us today came from those families, having benefited from the hard work of our parents and grandparents. Many very successful businesses were started by immigrants, generating untold blessings for the people of this country.
The point is that productive immigrants are and always have been just as much an asset in American society as productive native born citizens. Conversely, unproductive citizens are just as much of a drain on the resources as unproductive immigrants. The culture of dependence that has developed over many decades is the real issue. American society has lost its way. It is using the same roadmap used by failing socialist/collectivist countries of Europe. By sowing what they sow, we are reaping the same dismal fruit that they reap.
It is very good to take care of people who need help, and Americans continue to be among the most generous societies in the world. The more that government takes from the people to do its brand of pseudo-charity, the less real charity can be expected of its people. While we should, indeed, take care of those in need, we do not, in any sense, owe anyone that care. Nobody has an inherent right to take money from someone’s pocket because they don’t have enough. That is theft. When the government does it on a grand scale, it becomes grand theft.
Immigration doesn’t hurt, it helps. What does hurt is when socialist ideology demonized and punishes successful people and shields others from the adverse effects failure.
Dan McLaughlin is a columnist for The Post-Journal. Contact him at Visit for more columns and information on freedom and limited government.

Address illegal aliens issues now

POSTED: January 15, 2009
Why are important programs being slashed that would affect the legal citizens or taxpayers in this country? Why aren’t the states denying benefits to illegal aliens, who consume billions of services at taxpayer expense? Why would you cut important resources like police manpower, education for our children, or health care services for senior citizens? State lawmakers are conveniently not addressing illegal immigration, who continue to enjoy their free ride in this country with all the services they are receiving. It is a very sorry state of affairs when the discrimination in the U.S. is against the very people who are the backbone of the economy, in favor of people who should not be in this country to begin with. Do your homework, all you state financial geniuses – if you cut benefits to illegal aliens, you would probably have a surplus in your coffers.
And as an additional note, those of you bleeding hearts who feel it is so terrible when illegal alien families are torn apart after Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids, when parents are deported and separated from their children, how about legal citizens in this country who undergo a divorce, or has to serve time incarcerated? They are separated from their families as well, yet that seems to be an insignificant factor, unless you are an illegal alien. Why?
It is becoming rapidly apparent that our government and its leaders want taxpayers money not only for bailouts of failing companies, but as a continued means of support for illegal aliens and their offspring in this country. You can rest assured that if any law-abiding taxpayer committed a crime such as that being ignored by our government (illegal aliens and their flaunting of their presence here, his/her ability to get free services and obtain fraudulent Social Security numbers without any consequences), the taxpayer would be in jail, separated from their families, and nobody would bat an eye. Why?
I strongly urge everyone to read Lou Dobbs book “Independents Day.” It is a real eye-opener, and includes statistics such as the fact that wages in construction have fallen almost 2 percent since the start of the decade; construction workers make the same hourly rate as they did in 1965 (measured in 1982 dollars); wages have fallen by nearly 4 percent for landscape workers; landscapers are making the same hourly rate as they did in 1972.
And, for those who proclaim that the illegal alien is only here for a better life, consider the statistics in Dobbs’ book, which includes in 2006 that ICE had more than 2000 criminal arrests and more than 100,000 administrative arrests; 9,874 criminal arrests and 6,763 convictions for immigration-related activities including financial enforcement, human smuggling/trafficking, general and criminal alien enforcement, identify and benefit fraud and compliance and worksite environment. And of the 208,521 foreign nationals removed from the U.S. in 2005, 69 percent were from Mexico; 7 percent were from Honduras and 6 percent were from Guatemala. These are the people we want to give amnesty and reward them with U.S. citizenship? Come on, people, wake up! If you just sit back, don’t take some action and demand better from our government for its legal citizens, you are going to lose more than you ever imagined.
I have said it before, and will say it again let’s stop paying income taxes – if there is no taxpayer money in the till, there will be no taxpayer dollar assistance for ANYONE, companies or illegal aliens alike. If our Congress is so keen on their pursuit of a “comprehensive immigration reform” -let THEM pay for it out of their own pockets, instead of making rules that affect legal citizens/taxpayers. Bet their enthusiasm would wane pretty quickly if that were to happen.
Denise Zafuto is a Forestville resident.

Public Opinion Polls on Immigration

The general public overwhelmingly favors immigration reform. Poll after poll shows that Americans want well-enforced, sensible, and sustainable immigration laws.

  • 89% of Americans think illegal immigration into the U.S. is a problem (30% “extremely serious,” 33% “very serious,” and 26% “somewhat serious.” (Time Magazine, Jan. 2006)

  • 82% think that not enough is being done along the borders to keep illegal immigrants from crossing into the country. (New York Times/CBS May 2007)

  • 68% feel that the number of immigrants who cross the border, whether legal or illegal is “too high”. (Polling Company, Sept. 2006)

  • 62% oppose making it easier for illegal immigrants to become citizens of America. (Quinnipiac Univ., Feb. 2006)

These are only a few examples of the many statistics demonstrating that Americans want lower immigration, greater enforcement, and more commitment to making immigration work in the best interests of the nation.

Most Recent National Polls

A Rasmussen Report Poll conducted December 2-3, 2008 of 1,000 likely voters asked: “Is the government doing enough to secure the border?”

  • 74% responded “no,” it is not doing enough

  • 11% responded “yes.”

It also asked, “Which is more important: securing the border or legalizing undocumented workers?”

  • 63% responded that gaining control of the border is more important.

  • 27% responded that legalization is more important.

New York : Poll Data

A Zogby Poll conducted from October 11th-October 15th of 718 New York State voters found:

  • 65% oppose Governor Spitzer’s plan of making drivers’ licenses available to illegal immigrants

  • 46% said that New York City clerks, who disagree with the rule, should refuse issuing driver’s licenses.

  • 63% said they believe the proposal would hurt by encouraging undocumented immigrants to register to vote illegally and to improperly obtain other state benefits using their drivers’ licenses as identification.

  • 64% disagreed with Spitzer’s rationale that once undocumented immigrants obtained licenses, they would also buy car insurance.

  • 66% rate the issue of undocumented aliens’ driver’s license as important, compared with other issues facing New York. (4% “the most important issue” 28% “more important than most issues” and 34% “of medium importance”).

Empire State Poll, July 2006

  • 72% of New Yorkers think that entering the United States without valid immigration document should be made a criminal offense.

  • 66% of New Yorkers support border controls.

  • 45% of New Yorkers would like the number of immigrant to decrease.


Immigration and Terrorism

Rasmussen Report, March 12-13, 2009 poll of 1,000 likely voters

  • 79% (vs. 10%) say the military should be used along the border with Mexico to protect American citizens if drug-related violence continues to grow in that area.

  • 82% of voters are concerned that Mexican drug violence will spill over into the United States.

  • 61% (vs. 27%) say the United States should continue the fence.

  • 58% think that immigration should be decreased. (USA Today/CNN/Gallup, Oct. 2001)

  • 83% think that it is too easy for people from other countries to enter the U.S. (CBS News/New York Times, Sept. 2001 and Dec. 2001)

  • 77% think not enough is being done to control the border and to screen people allowed into the country. (Zogby Intl., Sept. 2001)

Updated 12/08


The question now is: will the Republican and Democratic parties stand with the American people for real change?


A Red, White, and Blue Platform to Replace the Red Versus BluePartisan Split

This document provides polling data to demonstrate why we believe this is The Platform of the American People.


H There are values which unite a large majority of Americans. (86 to 10)

H We want to strengthen and revitalize America’s core values. (80 to 9)

H Our goal should be to provide long-term solutions instead of short-term fixes. (92 to 5)

H Government clearly has to change the way it operates and bring in ideas and systems

currently employed in the private sector to increase productivity and effectiveness. (74 to 16)

H The changes we need in government have to occur in all 513,000 elected offices

throughout the country and cannot be achieved by focusing only on Washington. (84 to 12)

H Statements regarding religion and morality made by the Founding Fathers are just as

important today as they were 200 years ago. (86 to 12)


H English should be the official language of government. (87 to 11)

H All election ballots and other government documents should be printed in English. (74 to 23)

H New immigrants should be required to learn English. (83 to 17)

H Government should offer intensive English language instruction to all who need it, including stipends to help immigrants attend the programs. (83 to 15)

H Businesses should be able to require employees to speak the English language while on the job.

(80 to 17)


The American people favor legal immigration, control of the border, ending illegal immigration with

an emphasis on employer responsibility, immediate deportation of felons who are here illegally, a requirement to return home to become legal temporary workers, assimilation of those who sincerely want to become American, and a sophisticated, technologically advanced temporary worker system.


H The American people want to increase the number of visas for highly-educated immigrants or those with special skills, the so-called H1B and H2B visas. (63 to 29)

H The United States should only grant citizenship to those who want to embrace American values and culture. (68 to 29)

H The American people believe border control is a security issue. Terrorists are trying to enter the United States illegally. (86 to 12)

H Illegal immigrants who commit felonies should be deported. (88 to 10)

H There should be a worker visa program making it easier for people to work legally in the United States. (83 to 16)

H Allowing illegal immigrants to remain in this country undermines respect for the law. Therefore to join a worker visa program workers must apply from their own country. They could not apply from the United States and must return home first. (69 to 27)

H When applying for a temporary worker visa each worker should take an oath to obey

American law and be deported if they commit a crime while in the United States. (93 to 8)

H In a worker visa program each worker will receive a tamper-proof identification card that

will allow the government to track him or her. (89 to 11)

H Each worker will go to immigration centers in their home country that will help them find jobs in the United States so they apply for a visa with a job in hand. (84 to 14)

H A real time verification system should be established to verify immigration status and it should be outsourced to companies like American Express, Visa, or MasterCard so businesses can immediately identify whether or not someone has forged papers. (73 to 20)

H No company should market services such as credit cards or bank accounts specifically to people who are in the United States illegally. (78 to 18)

H There should be heavy monetary fines against employers and businesses who knowingly hire illegal immigrants. (78 to 20)

H The Internal Revenue Service should conduct audits of companies who hire illegal immigrants to determine if those companies have paid the taxes they owe. (83 to 15)



Examples of Serious Crimes of Illegal Aliens

The information below is taken from news sources. The aliens in these reports were all identified as being in the country illegally, and many of them had come into the hands of law enforcement agencies prior to the crime that is described below, but the alien was not deported or in some cases was deported but reentered the country.

These cases are listed as a demonstration that better prevention of illegal immigration is a public safety issue even though these cases are not representative of the illegal alien population in general. These cases refer to crimes other than terrorism.

  • November 2009 — Francisco Torres-Felix, an illegal alien, was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to drug trafficking, gun and immigration charges in Oakland, California. Torres reentered the United States after being deported in 2000. (Oakland Tribune, November 18, 2009)

  • November 2009 — Benjamin Delacruz Ajqui, an illegal alien, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for accosting and raping a 14-year-old girl in Sterns County, Minnesota. (AP news on WKBT-TV, November 17, 2009)

  • November 2009 — Magdalit Ramirez and Rogaciano Ramirez-Diaz, both Mexican illegal aliens, were sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison for stealing tax refund checks from Texas workers and using phony IDs to cash them in Kansas (Houston Chronicle, November 16, 2009)

  • November 2009 — Daniel Carlon, a Mexican illegal alien who had been deported twice was shot and killed by police in Los Angeles after he fatally stabbed a woman he had been stalking. He had been deported in January 2007 and in June 2009 after serving two years in prison for felony spousal abuse. (Los Angeles Times, November 16, 2009)

  • November 2009 — An illegal alien was put in deportation proceedings for having crashed into another car while driving drunk in Sapula, Oklahoma. The arresting officer recognized the alien as the same person who had been arrested a year before for drunk and hit-and-run driving. He gave a different name from the previous accident, and an investigation found that he had used other different names in even earlier similar accidents. The Tulsa police said they notified ICE after last years’ arrest, but ICE said they had no record of the arrest and that, “ICE will prioritize resources to go after more serious offenders.” (FOX23 News (Tulsa), November 6, 2009)

  • October 2009 — Manuel Fajardo-Santos, a Honduran illegal alien pled guilty to the sexual assault of an 8-year-old girl in Wharton, New Jersey. (Star Ledger, October 20, 2009)

  • October 2009 — Velislav Matzov, a Bulgarian immigrant [legal status not clear, but now deportable] was sentenced in St. Petersburg, Fla. to two life terms in prison for the shooting of a police detective while trying to escape following an armed robbery. (AP in Miami Herald, October 13, 2009)

  • October 2009 — Gilberto R. Avarado, an illegal alien, was convicted of two counts of first-degree rape of a 10-year-old girl. He was sentenced in Franklin County, Alabama to two 22-year sentences. (Times Daily, October 6, 2009)

  • October 2009 — Marvin Rogelio Martinez Jr, a Honduran illegal alien, pled guilty to two felonies: hit-and-run resulting in injury and reckless driving. He ran a stoplight in San Jose, California and hit an 8-year-old boy who remains wheelchair-bound 8 months after being hit. As a result of a plea agreement, Martinez was sentenced to 16 months in prison. (San Jose Mercury News, September 30, 2009)

  • October 2009 — Josue Mata, a Honduran illegal alien confessed to the shooting death in 2007 in Chicago of Alejandro Calderon, a teen-aged amateur boxer with hopes of competing in the Olympics. Mata said he mistakenly thought Calderon was a rival gang-banger. (Chicago Sun Times, October 7, 2009)

  • September 2009 — Eleazar Rangel-Ochoa, an illegal alien, pled no contest to driving under suspension and motor vehicle homicide. He caused an accident that killed a 4-year old. He was driving without a license because it was suspended after three drunken-driving convictions prior to 2003, which did not lead to his being identified for deportation. He faces prison terms of five years for driving under suspension and one year for the homicide charge. (The Omaha World Herald, September 30, 2009)

  • September 2009 — Edwin Chirinos, an illegal alien residing in Florida, was convicted of lewd and lascivious battery and for failure to register as a sex offender. He was convicted in 2006 of sexually assaulting a child but not turned over to immigration authorities. He was apprehended again and charged with the new offenses after being found driving without a valid license. (The Bradenton Herald, September 29, 2009)

  • September 2009 — Bagada Dionas, a Liberian illegal alien, was sentenced to two life terms plus 170 years in prison for the shooting deaths of two persons. As a juvenile, Dionas was convicted of armed robberies, drug dealing and car theft. In 2005, he was first convicted as an adult for armed robbery and served a prison sentence. Maryland Prison authorities said they didn’t at the time check immigration status because it would be a burden. (The Baltimore Sun, September 23, 2009)

  • September 2009 — Agustin Palma Trejo, a Mexican illegal alien, pled guilty to vehicular homicide in Clearwater, Fla. and was sentenced to six years in prison. (The Tampa Tribune, September 14, 2009)

  • September 2009 — Saul Peralta, a Mexican illegal alien, pled guilty to one count of first-degree criminal sex act and accepted a sentence of seven years in state prison. He was charged with sexually molesting a three-year old girl in Westchester County, NY. (The Journal News, September 11, 2009)

  • September 2009 — Rafael Diaz-Quintana, an illegal alien, was sentenced in Oregon to 30 months in prison for his seventh conviction for driving while intoxicated. (AP report on KTVB, September 1, 2009)

  • August 2009 — Two illegal aliens were convicted of capital murder and explosives charges in Las Vegas. Porfirio Duarte-Herrera, a Nicaraguan admitted to making the bomb that killed a man who was dating his ex-girl friend. He was aided by Omar Rueda-Denvers, a Guatemalan. Both were sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. (San Diego Union Tribune, August 28, 2009, New York Times, September 1, 2009)

  • August 2009 — Daryush Omar, an Afghani (or Pakistani) illegal immigrant, pled guilty to vehicular manslaughter in Queens, New York for a drunk driving accident that killed two people. He was sentenced to 3-1/2 to 10-1/2 years in prison. He previously was charged with robbery and murder but an indictment had not been obtained. He was turned over to federal authorities for deportation, but because neither Pakistan nor Afghanistan had accepted his deportation, he had been released. (AP, August 19, 2009)

  • August 2009 — Jose Garcia-Perlera, a Salvadoran illegal immigrant, was convicted of assault of four elderly women and the murder of one of them in Bethesda, Maryland. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole. (Washington Examiner, August 14, 2009)

  • August 2009 — Alejandro Emeterio ‘Alex’ Rivera Gamboa and his cousin, Gilberto Javier ‘Gabe’ Arellano Gamboa, both Mexican illegal immigrants, were convicted in the attempted rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl in Clackamas County, Oregon. Rivera Gamboa was sentenced to life in prison, Arellano Gamboa was sentenced to 5 years and 10 months in prison. Rivera Gamboa had been arrested for drunken driving in November 2006 and pled guilty while also acknowledging he was not a U.S. citizen. Allegedly, he was released without anyone in the criminal justice system notifying immigration authorities. (The Oregonian, August 13, 2009).

  • August 2009 — Milton Alberto Sanabria, a gang member in Georgia who was arrested for trespassing was determined to be an illegal immigrant. He had been arrested and convicted numerous times for theft and was released from two years in prison in May, but he had escaped detection as a deportable alien through use of false identification as a U.S. citizen. (Athens Banner-Herald, August 13, 2009)

  • August 2009 — Gabriel Soto Garcia, an illegal immigrant, pled guilty to cocaine and cannabis trafficking and was sentenced in Orlando, Fla. to 10 years in prison for. (Orlando Sentinel, August 7, 2009)

  • August 2009 — Marvin Rogelio Martinez, a Honduran illegal immigrant, pled guilty to hit-and-run driving and driving without a license when he hit a man and his 8-year old son that put them both in the hospital and left the boy in a coma for 2 months. Martinez, who was ordered to pay restitution, will spend no more than 2 years in prison under the plea agreement before being deported. (San Jose Mercury News, August 7, 2009)

  • July 2009 — Denni Garza-Corado, a Mexican illegal immigrant, pled guilty to felony hit-and-run and driving under the influence in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He was sentenced to five years and 60 days with all but ten days suspended. (WHSV[TV].com, July 14, 2009).

  • July 2009 — Jose Rosendo Algomeda-Santiago, a Mexican illegal immigrant, pled guilty to two counts of negligent vehicular homicide while drunken driving in Maryland. He was sentenced to three years imprisonment. (Baltimore Sun, July 14, 2009).

  • July 2009 — Emma Tlacoxolal-Perez, a Mexican illegal immigrant, was sentenced in Newport News, Va. to 33 months imprisonment for running a prostitution network. She had been deported in 2006 and illegally reentered. (Associated Press, July 14, 2009).

  • July 2009 — Raul Mendoza, an illegal alien, was sentenced in Denver to 10 years in prison for a sex-assault conviction against a 12-year-old girl. (The Denver Post, July 6, 2009)

  • July 2009 — Alexander Ronquillo Rivera, a Honduran illegal alien, was found guilty in Baltimore County Circuit Court of attempted first- and second-degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison. (The Daily Record, July 1, 2009)

  • June 2009 — Anastacio Sanchez-Miranda, an illegal alien, pled guilty to the shooting deaths of three persons in 2007 in Prince William County, Virginia. He had earlier arrested for a drunken driving offense and for malicious wounding but was not turned over to immigration authorities. (WTTG-5 Fox News, Dec. 10, 2007, Washington Post, June 26, 2009)

  • June 2009 — Roberto Pedroza Carrillo, an illegal alien who was shot to death by police after he shot and killed an undercover police officer in Houston, had been previously apprehended by the Border Patrol and returned to Mexico. He had also been ticketed by Houston police at lease four times since 2002 following his return to the United States the most recent time for speeding. Three associates of Pedroza who fled the scene of the shooting were reported to be also illegal aliens. (Houston Chronicle, June 26, 2009)

  • June 2009 — Martin Alvarez-Rodriquez, an illegal alien with two previous drug trafficking convictions in California, was sentenced to life in prison for drug trafficking conspiracy, drug possession (methamphetamines) and firearms charges in Nevada. (AP in Contra Costa Times, June 10, 2009)

  • June 2009 — Jose Alvarado, a Salvadoran illegal alien, pled guilty to first-degree murder of an 83-year-old woman in Montgomery County, Maryland. His wife, Ana Rodas, also an illegal alien, pled guilty to being an accessory after the fact. A cousin, Ramon Alvarado, is in jail without bond pending his trial for the same crime. (Washington Post, June 4, 2009) Ramon Alvarado, who was paid to commit the crime by his cousin Jose, was convicted of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and arson and sentenced in November to life in prison without parole. (Washington Post, October 21, 2009)

  • June 2009 — Jaime Lopez-Diaz, an illegal alien, was sentenced to 17 years in prison for homicide by intoxication (drunken driving fatality) in December in Wausau, Wisconsin. (The Wausau Daily Herald, June 2, 2009)

  • May 28, 2009

  • Alien fugitive sentenced to 4 months in prison for immigration offenses

  • NEW YORK – A native and citizen of Jamaica who was a criminal alien fugitive and the target of a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) investigation was sentenced on Wednesday in U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York for failing to comply with immigration regulations and requirements.

  • Rudolph Ford was sentenced to four months in federal prison and one year of supervised release by U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein. On March 19, ICE officers from the Fugitive Operations Team and Violent Criminal Alien Section with the assistance of the U.S. Marshals Service arrested Rudolph Ford at his residence in Brooklyn, New York, pursuant to a federal arrest warrant.

  • Ford, who entered the United States as a lawful permanent resident in 1988, pled guilty in 1991 to manslaughter in the 2nd degree. This conviction made Ford amenable to removal. In 1996, Ford was placed into deportation proceedings by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. After appeals with the Board of Immigration Appeals and U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, Ford was ordered to leave the country voluntarily in 2006, which he failed to do. In addition, he violated the terms of his supervision with ICE by removing his electronic monitoring device.

  • “Mr. Ford was given ample opportunities to comply with the court’s order for him to depart the United States,” said Christopher Shanahan, field office director for the ICE Office of Detention and Removal Operations in New York. “Ford’s refusal to comply landed him a prison sentence, which sends a powerful message to illegal aliens who surreptitiously defy immigration laws.”

  • At the completion of his four-month prison sentence, Ford will be turned over to ICE and removed to Jamaica.


  • May 20, 2009

  • ICE most wanted fugitive captured
    Subject has been on the run for more than 10 years 

  • NEW YORK – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers on Tuesday captured one of its top ten most wanted in East Orange, New Jersey.

  • Officers with ICE’s Fugitive Operations Team in New York arrested ICE fugitive Calvin Inswood, a native and citizen of Jamaica.

  • Inswood, 46, has an extensive criminal history that spans nearly 30 years and began shortly after his arrival in the U.S. in 1976. His criminal history includes convictions and sentences for crimes including assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, weapon possession, and attempted robbery.

  • “I’m proud of the hard work and diligence of our officers for tracking down this career criminal.  Now, not only has this alien with an extensive criminal history been removed from the streets of New York, but he will be removed from our country as well,” said Christopher Shanahan, field office director for the ICE Office of Detention and Removal Operations in New York.

  • After serving time for his last conviction, Inswood was taken into the custody of the former Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and placed into deportation proceedings. In May 1997, Inswood was ordered deported by an immigration judge in New York City. An appeal of that decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) was dismissed in December 1997. Inswood failed to surrender for removal as ordered, thereby making him an immigration fugitive.

  • In 2003 ICE added Inswood to its Top Ten Most Wanted Criminal Alien list and has been actively seeking his apprehension. ICE’s Top Ten was established back in 2003. Inswood was featured on the TV program “America’s Most Wanted”.

  • ICE was assisted by the U.S. Secret Service and investigators from the Kings County (NY) District Attorney’s Office.

  • May 2009 — Jose Barraza-Vidal, a Mexican illegal alien, was sentenced in Seattle to 20 years imprisonment for his role as a leader in a gang that distributed cocaine and methamphetamine. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 26, 2009).

  • May 2009 — Remigio Perez Roman, a Mexican illegal alien, was sentenced to 11 years in prison in Arizona on a drug-related charge. Perez had been deported several times previously for other criminal convictions. (East Valley Tribune, May 7, 2009)

  • May 2009 — Marcos Garcia Jeronimo, a Mexican illegal alien, pled guilty April 8 to gross vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run in San Diego. (San Diego Union-Tribune, May 6, 2009)

  • May 2009 — Hector Mauricio Hernandez, a Salvadoran illegal alien, pled guilty to the fatal shooting of an honors student at Montgomery Blair HS in the suburbs of Washington DC. Hernandez, reportedly a gang member, had been detained earlier by county police for possession of a knife, but was released without checking on his immigration status. He was sentenced in October to 50 years in prison. (Washington Post and other news sources, May 1, 2009)

  • April 2009 — Jeremias Chagala-Mil, a Mexican illegal alien, was convicted of rape of a minor in Virginia and sentenced to 30 years in prison, suspending all but six years as part of a plea agreement. (Daily Progress, April 29, 2009)

  • April 2009 — Juan Jose Magallanes-Torres, a Mexican illegal alien, pled guilty to a felony count of illegal re-entry and assault for the beating of two FBI agents who were on stakeout at the railroad yard in Sunland Park, New Mexico near the U.S.-Mexican border. (Houston Chronicle, April 22, 2009)

  • April 2009 — Julian Vasquez, a Mexican illegal alien, was convicted of indecency with a child for breaking into a home and sexually assaulting an underage girl in Texas. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. (Avalanche-Journal. April 18, 2009)

  • April 2009 — Erick Turcios-Lazo, a Salvadoran illegal alien and local MS-13 gang leader, was sentenced in Alexandria, Virginia to 10 years in prison for plotting the murder of a young woman thought to be cooperating with the police. (Washington Post, April 9, 2009)

  • April 2009 — Jorge Flores-Rojas, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, was sentenced to 24 years in prison for trafficking two teen girls to North Carolina to perform sex acts. He repeatedly sexually and physically abused the girls. (USA Today, April 7, 2009)

  • April 2009 — Albin Adalin Zelaya-Zelaya, a Hounduran illegal alien and reputed MS-13 gang member, was sentenced to life in prison in Houston for a burglary conviction. The trial also involved testimony about his murder of two persons in Honduras and assault charges and a shootout with the police in this country. (Houston Chronicle, April 6, 2009)

  • April 2009 — Maurilio Castillo Vega, an illegal alien, received a 61-month sentence for bilking the state of $8 million in unpaid taxes. The Beaverton, Oregon man had several drywall companies and undercut competition by paying employees under the table. (The Oregonian, April 6, 2009)

  • April 2009 — Raul Ramos-Guido, a Honduran illegal alien, was sentenced to 18 months in jail for assaulting a Lanham, Maryland woman in a mall, stealing her purse and threatening to harm her. (The Capitol, April 3, 2009)

  • March 10, 2009

  • International fugitive wanted for murder, robbery, kidnapping, and involvement in organized crime returned to Mexico

  • NEW YORK – A man wanted by the Mexican government for his involvement in several murders, robbery, kidnapping and ties to organized crime was escorted back to Mexico by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers and turned over to authorities there.

  • Liberio Andrew Gonzalez, a Mexican national, departed the United States without incident on Saturday, March 7 and was turned over to Mexican Federal Police officials at Mexico City International Airport.

  • “This arrest serves as an example for foreign criminals to think twice before fleeing to the United States to avoid prosecution,” said Christopher Shanahan, field office director for the ICE Office of Detention and Removal Operations in New York. “ICE is committed to working with its local, federal and international law enforcement partners to arrest and return wanted fugitives to their native countries to face justice.”

  • Gonzalez, who has no known criminal history in the United States, was the subject of a criminal investigation in Mexico but fled before police could arrest him. ICE’s Fugitive Operations Team arrested Gonzalez without incident in Staten Island, New York for being in the United States illegally.

  • Gonzalez’s arrest was a result of close cooperation between ICE, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Mexican Federal Police.

  • March 2009 — David Douglas, an illegal alien, was apprehended in Vermont snowshoeing into the country from Canada and sentenced to 3 years in prison. He was deported in 2004 after a conviction of marijuana conspiracy. (WCAX News, March 23, 2009)

  • March 2009 — Ludalino Aguiar Moniz, an illegal alien, was arrested for providing false information to the police in Freetown, Massachusetts. They subsequently found he had been previously deported and had an extensive criminal history, including crimes of violence, and was wanted on a pair of warrants, one for a charge of breaking and entering and the other for a charge of larceny. (The Herald News, March 24, 2009)

  • March 2009 — Manuel Cazares, an illegal alien, turned himself in to police in Hannibal Missouri and admitted murdering two people, one of whom was the mother of his child who had an outstanding restraining order against him. Cazares had been detained by the police and in the court system several times previously without his illegal presence in the United States being discovered. (AP), March 20, 2009

  • March 2009 — Guadalupe Nieto Vazquez, an illegal alien, was charged with his sixth drunken driving offense in Pennsylvania after having been convicted on five previous charges. He failed to appear for a bail hearing. (Lehigh Valley Live), March 19, 2009

  • March 2009—Israel Rojas-Rodriguez, an illegal alien, pled guilty to murder and drug trafficking in Farmington, NM. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison (Daily Times, March 10, 2009)

  • March 2009—Wilfido Joel Alfaro, a Salvadoran illegal alien, was killed in a shootout with Houston police, one of whom was critically wounded. Alfaro had been previously convicted of criminal activity but had been allowed to voluntarily return to El Salvador in 2001. He reentered illegally and was again arrested for possession or delivery of drugs, in 2002 and 2003 but the immigration authorities say they had no record of being contacted about him after 2001.

  • February 2009—Ernesto Reyes, a Mexican illegal alien, was convicted Friday of capital murder and received a life sentence for the murder of a University of North Texas sophomore. He was extradited from Mexico, where he fled, in exchange for agreement to waive the death penalty. (AP News in Washington Post, February 27, 2009)

  • February 2009—Juan Salmeron Ozuna, a teenaged Mexican illegal alien and Sureno gang member residing in Omaha, Neb. was sentenced to one year in prison. He had been previously deported and threatened to kill an immigration official after he returned to Omaha. (KETV News, February 24, 2009)

  • February 2009—Marcos Ceaca-Jimenez, a Mexican illegal alien residing in Wisconsin was sentenced to three years in prison for possession of a firearm while residing illegally in the United States. Ceaca was a member of the South Side Locos street gang and was arrested when on his way to shoot a former member who had left the gang. (The Capital Times, February 7, 2009)

  • February 2009—Santos Rivera, a Salvadoran illegal alien residing in Texas was convicted of sexual assault for raping a 23-month old baby and was sentenced to life in prison. He had been ordered deported in 2005 but remained illegally. In 2006, he was charged with assault, but not prosecuted. (The Dallas Morning News, February 6, 2009)

  • February 2009—Christian Lopez Herrera, a Mexican illegal alien, was sentenced to a year in Los Angeles County jail and five years probation after pleading no contest to having killed an elderly couple and seriously wounding another in a hit-and-run accident in 1992. Lopez fled to Mexico after the accident but returned illegally to the United States reportedly in 2003. Police received a tip on his whereabouts after a local paper ran a story on the unsolved case. (Los Angeles Times, February 4, 2009)

  • February 2009—Three Brazilians, Joister Pacheco Ataide, Epaminondas Jose Soares, and Wesli Camargo pled guilty in Connecticut to counterfeiting and passing counterfeit $100 bills. Pacheco faces 20 years in jail and a fine of $250,000. All three face eventual deportation. (AP story in Hartford Courant, February 3, 2009)

  • January 2009—Benjamin Martinez-Gonzalez, an illegal alien who had been living in the Chicago area for about 7 years, pled guilty to drunk driving and causing a crash that killed the driver of the other vehicle. He was sentenced to 9 years in prison. (Chicago Breaking News, January 13, 2009).

  • January 2009—Juan Santiago Toledo, an illegal alien, pled guilty to first-degree manslaughter for repeatedly stabbing a woman in Poughkeepsie New York in July 2007. Under a plea agreement he will be sentenced to 20 years in prison. (AP story on RNN-TV, January 29, 2009).

  • January 2009—Alejandrino Lara-Silva, a Mexican illegal alien, pled guilty to 12 felony counts for crimes occurring in homes in Willcox, Pearce and Elfrida, Arizona in December 2007 when he and three others commited crimes of breaking and entry, assault and theft. Under a plea agreement he will be sentenced to 15 to 20 years in prison. Two others, Yerco Vedobch-Arrvayo and Natalio Valenzuela-Valdez have been convicted and are awaiting sentencing. Alberto Jimenez-Garcia, who was involved in only one of the break-ins has been sentenced to 3.5 years in prison. (Herald Review/Arizona Range News, January 28, 2009).

  • January 2009—Milena Henao, an illegal alien who killed a pedestrian and then fled the scene in Boston pled guilty to vehicular homicide and was sentenced to two, one-year consecutive sentences. (WCVB News, January 27, 2009).

  • January 2009—Abel Gonzalez-Perez, a teenaged illegal alien who killed a pedestrian and then fled the scene in Athens, Georgia pled guilty to first-degree vehicular homicide and Driving Under the Influence and accepted a recommended sentence to as many as 8 years in prison. (Athens Banner Herald, January 26, 2009).

  • January 2009—Eulalio Haro, a Mexican illegal alien who had been deported three times since 1955, was convicted in Chicago of reckless homicide, drunk driving and other charges for a hit-and-run crash that killed a motorcyclist in 2006. ( Tribune, January 23, 2009).

  • January 2009—Benjamin Martinez-Gonzalez, an illegal alien who had been living in the Chicago area for about 7 years, pled guilty to drunk driving and causing a crash that killed the driver of the other vehicle. He was sentenced to 9 years in prison. (Chicago Breaking News, January 13, 2009).

  • January 2009—Rony Izaguirre-Henriquez, a Salvadoran illegal alien member of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for stabbing to death another Latino teenager. In December, his brother Walter Izaguirre-Henriquez pled guilty to being an accessory to the crime and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. (The Washington Post, January 14, 2009).

  • January 2009—Mateo Ortiz, an illegal alien, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for drunk driving, injuring a pedestrian and leaving the scene of the accident in Chicago. Ortiz, who used a number of aliases, was found to have 4 other DUI warrants at the time of his arrest. (The Chicago Tribune, January 8, 2009).

  • January 2009—Adan Betanicio Guerrero, an illegal alien, pled guilty in Phoenix to identity theft and fraud. He had taken out more than $787,000 in loans using a stolen Social Security number. (KPHO-TV Phoenix, January 8, 2009).

  • January 2009—Francisco Martinez, a Mexican illegal alien, pled guilty to three counts of second-degree murder and two counts of felony injury by vehicle in North Carolina. As a result of a plea agreement, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison. Driving while intoxicated, he entered a divided highway going the wrong direction and collided with a car in which three brothers, also Mexicans, were killed. ([Raleigh] News Observer, January 6, 2009).

  • December 2008—Carlos Ceron Salazar, an illegal alien from Mexico, who was detained for public drunkenness in San Diego County, has been identified by immigration authorities as having been deported multiple times and, by DNA evidence, as responsible for an attempted rape of a jogger in December 2006. (MSNBC News, December 31, 2008).

  • December 2008—Rodrigo Delacruz-Encarnacion, an illegal alien from Mexico, charged with hit and run driving while intoxicated, pled guilty to negligent homicide in the death of a motorcyclist he crashed into in Grand Haven, Michigan. He faces incarceration for two years. (Grand Haven Tribune, December 30, 2008).

  • December 2008—An unidentified (because he is a minor) illegal alien, was convicted of killing a man (who happened to be a legal immigrant) in Sacramento while speeding and driving drunk and fleeing the scene of the crime. (The Sacramento Bee, December 27, 2008).

  • December 2008—Four illegal aliens who had previously been deported were apprehended by the Border Patrol on December 23 in the Yuma, Arizona area. The four had been previously arrested a combined total of 40 times. One had been deported 4 times and had 3 narcotics convictions. Another, who had been deported twice, had prior convictions for possession of a controlled substance, corporal injury to a spouse, obstructing a peace officer, driving under the influence and possession of a dangerous weapon. A third, who had been deported once before, had prior convictions for attempted robbery, carrying a concealed firearm, driving under the influence and possession of narcotics for sale. The fourth had been previously deported following imprisonment for attempted possession of dangerous drugs for sale. (Yuma Sun, December 24, 2008).

  • December 2008—Baltazar Marquez, an illegal alien, crashed into and killed a woman in Witchita, Kansas while driving drunk. He had been detained in September for four misdemeanors including driving without a license and insurance but released because local policy requires notification of ICE only in felony cases or ones that represent a severe threat to the community. (Witchita’s KSN-TV website, December 19, 2008).

  • December 2008—Elvin and Rony Martinez, illegal alien brothers from Honduras, pled guilty to executing two people during the robbery of a brothel in North Carolina. Both were sentenced to 38 to 49 years in state prison. (The News & Observer, December 18, 2008).

  • December 2008—Marcos Velasquez-Morales, an illegal alien from Mexico, pled guilty to raping a 9-year-old girl. He was sentenced in Alabama to 18 years in prison. According to immigration authorities, he had been deported in 2003. (Dotham Eagle, December 16, 2008).

  • December 2008—Santiago Hernandez, an illegal alien from El Salvador, was sentenced in Colorado to six years in prison for a drunk driving accident that caused a death. (Aspen Daily News, December 15, 2008).

  • December 2008—Carmen Alejandro Garcia-Hernandez, a Mexican illegal alien, pled guilty to two counts of aggravated involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment as a result of the deaths of two people caused by his driving while intoxicated. Following the crash that killed the two people and wounded others, Garcia-Hernandez attempted to flee the scene, but was subdued. (NBC 12 News, Richmond, December 9, 2008).

  • December 2008—Yin Hoo Yap, an illegal alien from Malaysia and Kou Chwung Liu, a Chinese illegal alien, were sentenced to 27 months and one year, respectively in the state of Washington, for “conspiracy to transport individuals in furtherance of prostitution.” (The Newcastle News, December 9, 2008)

  • December 2008—Manuel Antonio Barahona, an illegal alien from El Salvador and a member of MS-13 gang, pled guilty to a knifing murder during a robbery in June. He was arrested for an unrelated drug offense also in June. (The Gazette, December 3, 2008).

  • December 2008—Santiago Hernandez, an illegal alien from El Salvador, was sentenced in Colorado to six years in prison for a drunk driving accident that caused a death. (Aspen Daily News, December 15, 2008).

November 12, 2008

MS-13 gang member and his associates indicted for murder, assault, racketeering, and illegal firearms
The indictment alleges Hector Portillo murdered a 15 year-old boy


NEW YORK – A superseding indictment handed up today charged Hector Portillo, a member of the international MS-13 street gang and seven others with multiple crimes, including 29 counts of murder, attempted murder, assault, racketeering, and illegal use of firearms. The charges were announced by Benton J. Campbell, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York; Peter J. Smith, special agent in charge of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office of investigations in New York City; Richard A. Brown, Queens Country District Attorney, and Raymond W. Kelly, Commissioner, New York City Police Department.

The indictment alleges that on December 24, 2006 three of the defendants, Hector Portillo, Javier Irheta and Luis Bonilla, murdered 15 year-old Pashad Gray in Flushing.

Beginning in 1998, the defendants served as members and associates of MS-13, also known as “La Mara Salvatrucha,” and engaged in a series of violent crimes in Jamaica and Flushing, New York, including conspiracy to murder and assault members of rival gangs, such as the Crips, the Bloods, and the Latin Kings. During one particularly violent 13 month period, the defendants allegedly assaulted or attempted to murder seven victims by stabbing and shooting.

Portillo, who was previously charged with racketeering and murder conspiracy, is now charged with a pattern of violent attacks, including, in addition to the Pashad Gray murder, the non-fatal shooting of a teenager on February 17, 2006, and the stabbing and beating of two teenagers in August 2006.

“The indictment of this dangerous MS-13 gang member is a positive step toward ridding our communities of the violent transnational street gangs that have instilled fear in our citizens and taken our communities hostage for far too long,” stated ICE Special Agent-in-Charge Smith. “Through Operation Community Shield, ICE and its law enforcement partners will continue to conduct aggressive enforcement actions against members and associates of violent street gangs like MS-13.”

“The defendants have spread fear in our community through wanton violence, including shooting, stabbing, and beating their victims,” stated United States Attorney Campbell. “Today’s charges reflect our unwavering commitment to bring members and associates of violent street gangs to justice.” Mr. Campbell thanked the New York City Department of Probation for its assistance.

Queens County District Attorney Brown stated, “Rivalries among criminal street gangs all too often turn neighborhoods into urban battlefields with innocent victims being caught in the crossfire. Only through the joint and committed efforts of law enforcement on all levels of government can we reduce gang-related violence and reclaim our streets for law-abiding residents.”

NYPD Commissioner Kelly stated, “New York City has not experienced the explosion in gang violence experienced elsewhere, in part, because of continued, successful crime suppression and arrests by the NYPD with support from our federal partners.”

If convicted, the defendants face maximum sentences of life imprisonment.

The MS-13 is comprised primarily of immigrants from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, many of whom are in the United States illegally. With hundreds of members locally, it is the largest street gang on Long Island and has a major presence in Queens, New York. Over the past four years, the coordinated efforts of United States Attorney’s Office, ICE, the NYPD, and the Queens District Attorney’s Office have resulted in felony convictions of nearly two dozen New York City members of the MS-13.

The government’s case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Marshall L. Miller, Jason A. Jones, and Daniel S. Silver.

The Defendants:

  • HECTOR PORTILLO, also known as “Angel,” “Manuel,” and “Chucky” Age: 19

  • NELSON MAURICIO PORTILLO ALAS, also known as “Snack” Age: 25

  • JAVIER BONILLA, also known as “Fantasma” and “Ghost” Age: 20

  • LUIS BONILLA, also known as “Chofre” Age: 22

  • JAVIER IRHETA, also known as “Speedy” and “Juan Campos” Age: 21

  • VICTOR MEJIA Age: 19

  • FRANCISCO VALLE BLANCO, also known as “Hunter” and “Silent” Age: 20

  • LUIS VALLE BLANCO, also known as “Anvil” Age: 21

  • October 2008—Ignacio Gomez-Gutierrez, an illegal alien, pled guilty to felony murder for the DUI death of a mother and her pregnant daughter. He was arrested after fleeing the scene of the accident. In 2005, when Gomez was arrested for running a stop sign and failed a breathalyzer test, he was allowed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor offense and was jailed for one year. He also served time for two previous DWI convictions but apparently was never deported. (Houston Chronicle, October 21, 2008).

  • October 2008—Eleazar Perez-Delgado, an illegal alien, was sentenced to five years in prison for a hit-and-run accident that killed a pedestrian in Tulsa in September, 2007. (Associated Press, October 8, 2008).

  • September 2008—Francis Hernandez, an illegal alien from Guatemala, is imprisoned in Colorado for having caused an accident that killed three people, including a 3-year old. An investigation revealed that he was driving without a license, had 29 warrants for failure to appear at court hearings, and was fraudulently claiming to be a U.S. citizen. (Rocky Mountain News, January 13, 2009).

  • September 2008—Alejandro Aleman, an illegal alien from Mexico, was sentenced to six to 23 months in prison in Pennsylvania for hit and run driving that injured a woman. He apparently fled to Mexico following the accident and was apprehended reentering the United States illegally. He pled guilty to the charges and will be deported upon his release. (Daily Record/Sunday News, September 29, 2008).

  • September 2008—Alejandro Rivera Gamboa, an illegal alien, pled guilt to murder and aggravated abuse of a corpse for the murder of a 15-year-old girl by stepping on her throat until she stopped breathing. Months earlier Rivera had pleaded guilty to drunk driving and admitted he was in the country illegally. (KGW News, Portland, Oregon, September 17, 2008).

  • September 2008—Roberto Hernandez-Hernandez, an illegal alien from Mexico, pled guilt to raping a woman who was asleep in Bellingham, WA. (Bellingham Herald, September 16, 2008).

  • September 2008—Martin Cana-Chocoj, an illegal alien, pled guilt to rape in Fairview, NJ. (The Record, September 16, 2008).

  • September 2008—Victor Navarro, arrested in April for a crime committed in 2002 was convicted of rape and sodomy and sentenced to eight years in prison after which he will be deported to Mexico. (North County Times, Escondido, CA, September 4, 2008).

October 2008- 96 fugitive aliens arrested, 46 with criminal histories in New York
ICE fugitive operations teams arrest 384 illegal aliens in multi-state operation

NEW YORK, NY – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers arrested 96 fugitives and immigration violators in New York and Long Island during a targeted enforcement, which began on October 14th and concluded October 26th.

Of the 96 aliens arrested, 90 were fugitive targets of the operation and 46 of them had criminal histories. Six other immigration violators were also arrested during the operation, all with criminal histories. All six were charged with being illegally in the United States and will have hearings before an independent immigration judge from the Department of Justice.

Their crimes include: Burglary, Bail Jumping, Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance, Criminal Possession of a Weapon, DUI, DWI, Resisting Arrest, Robbery, Trademark Counterfeiting. Following are four examples of the criminals ICE arrested during this operation:

  • A woman from Dominica, was arrested by ICE officers on October 15, 2008, in Brooklyn, N.Y. She has an outstanding order of deportation. She served time in prison for possession with the intent to distribute Marijuana. She is currently in ICE custody, pending her removal to Dominica

  • A man from Bangladesh, was arrested by ICE officers on October 15, 2008 in the Bronx, N.Y. He overstayed his visitor visa and has several drug related convictions. An immigration judge has ordered the man removed from the United States. He is currently in ICE custody, pending removal to Bangladesh.

  • A man from Ecuador, was arrested by ICE officers on Oct. 16 in Queens, N.Y. He has an outstanding order of deportation. He served time in prison for petit larceny, criminal mischief and for possession and attempted criminal sale of a controlled substance. He is currently in ICE custody, pending removal to Ecuador.

  • A man from Jamaica was arrested by ICE officers on October 20, in New York City, he is an aggravated felon who served 9 months in jail for felony transportation of Marijuana. In November 2006, he was convicted for criminal sale of Marijuana. Just as recently as October 20th, New York City Police Department arrested and charged him with criminal sale of Marijuana. He is currently in ICE custody, pending his removal to Jamaica.

“The people arrested are illegal aliens who fail to appear for their immigration hearings, or they defy an order to leave the country by a federal immigration judge,” said Bartholomew Rodriguez, acting field office director for the ICE Office of Detention and Removal Operations in New York. “They showed a blatant disregard for the immigration laws of the United States and ICE Fugitive Operation teams will continue to locate those immigration violators who potentially pose a threat to the public.”

During the same time period fugitive teams in, New Jersey and Pennsylvania also conducted major operations. In New Jersey, a total of 189 fugitives were arrested, including 87 with criminal histories. Officers also arrested 102 immigration violators. In Philadelphia, ICE officers apprehended 99 illegal fugitives were arrested, including 41 with criminal histories. 58 immigration violators were also arrested.

ICE established its National Fugitive Operations Program (NFOP) in 2003 to eliminate the nation’s backlog of immigration fugitives and ensure that deportation orders handed down by immigration judges are enforced. Today, ICE has 100 Fugitive Operations Teams deployed across the country.

ICE’s Fugitive Operations Program is an integral part of the comprehensive multi-year plan launched by the Department of Homeland Security to secure America’s borders and reduce illegal migration. That strategy seeks to gain operational control of both the northern and southern borders, while re-engineering the detention and removal system to ensure that illegal aliens are removed from the country quickly and efficiently. — ICE —

August 26, 2008

New York ICE Fugitive Operations Teams arrest 130 fugitives and immigration violators in 10-day operation
600th criminal alien fugitive arrested by the New York Fugitive Operations Teams this fiscal year


NEW YORK – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced today its four New York Fugitive Operations Teams arrested a total of 120 fugitive aliens during a nearly two-week long operation that concluded Friday.

Of the 120 fugitives arrested, 35 had criminal records. During the operation, an additional 10 immigration violators were arrested, six of whom had criminal histories.

Criminal histories of the aliens arrested by the Fugitive Operations Teams during this operation included convictions for: drugs, assault, bank fraud, bribery, burglary, robbery and prostitution. Drug convictions included various drug offenses such as criminal importation, distribution, sale and possession of a variety of controlled substances such as heroine, cocaine and marijuana. Other convictions included criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, DWI, forgery, harassment, illegal entry, possession of a forged instrument, possession of stolen property, and theft.

“The removal of fugitive aliens, especially those with a criminal history, is a top ICE priority,” said Bartolome Rodriguez, acting field office director for the ICE Office of Detention and Removal Operations (DRO) in New York. ICE’s Fugitive Operations Teams prioritize cases involving immigration violators who pose a threat to national security and community safety. Foreign nationals who violate our laws and commit crimes in our communities should be on notice that ICE is going to use all of its resources to find you and send you home.”

An immigration fugitive is an alien who has failed to depart the United States pursuant to a final order of removal, deportation or exclusion; or who has failed to report to a DRO Officer after receiving notice to do so. Those fugitives have already been ordered removed and are subject to immediate removal from the United States. Individuals who have illegally re-entered the U.S. after deportation are subject to criminal prosecution and immediate removal from the U.S.

The non-fugitive immigration violators arrested during this operation have been charged with immigration violations, placed in removal proceedings and are awaiting a hearing before an Immigration Judge.

The following are examples of fugitive aliens arrested by the New York Fugitive Operations Teams during this operation:

  • An Italian national arrested in Port Chester, New York, who had been previously convicted of distribution of cocaine;

  • A Jordanian national arrested in the Bronx, New York, who had prior convictions for sexual misconduct and disorderly conduct;

  • A Colombian national arrested in Brooklyn, New York, who had been previously convicted of bribery of an officer of the former Immigration and Naturalization Service;

  • A Colombian national arrested in Mount Kisco, New York, who had been previously convicted of importation of heroin into the United States; and

  • A Barbadian national arrested in Manhattan, who had prior convictions for criminal possession of a controlled substance and attempted robbery. This individual was the 600th criminal alien fugitive arrested by the New York Fugitive Operations Teams during the current fiscal year.

The National Fugitive Operations Program (NFOP) was established in 2003 to eliminate the nation’s backlog of immigration fugitives. Today, ICE has 95 teams deployed across the country and 9 additional teams will be added by the end of September. So far this year, ICE’s NFOP has made nearly 28,000 arrests, with over 21,000 being ICE fugitives. Last year, the Fugitive Operations Teams nearly doubled the number of arrests made in 2006 (15,000) to more than 30,000 in 2007. Additionally, in 2007, the nation’s fugitive alien population declined for the first time in history and continues to do so in large part due to the work of the Fugitive Operations Teams and the Fugitive Operations Support Center, which helps to clear outstanding cases. Estimates now place the number of immigration fugitives in the United States at approximately 570,000, a decrease of nearly 25,000 since October 2007.          — ICE —

  • August 2008—Salomon Renterio Valdez, an illegal national of Mexico, was sentenced to four years in federal prison for unlawful re-entry of aggravated felon in Montrose, Colorado in August. Renterio-Valdez had been deported previously in 1996 for convictions of alien smuggling, molesting children, robbery, and drug trafficking. (ICE, August 25, 2008)

  • August 2008—Luciano Tellez, an illegal immigrant, was sentenced to 32-40 years in prison for felony homicide in Smithfield, North Carolina. In March, Tellez, while driving under influence, ran a stop sign killing a father and son. He fled the scene of the accident. At the time of his arrest, Tellez was wanted for violation of his parole on a drunken drive conviction in 2005 and he has a suspended license. After serving his sentence, Tellez will be deported (WRAL, August 22, 2008).

  • August 2008—Victor Manuel Perez-Monroy, an illegal resident from Mexico, was sentenced to five years in federal prison for unlawful re-entry after a prior deportation. Perez-Monroy has an extensive criminal history in Arizona, including three convictions for burglary. (ICE, August 08, 2008)

  • June 2008—Richard Diaz-Garcia, an illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic, was sentenced to nine months in prison in Wilmington, Deleware for shoplifting and afterwards will be turned over to immigration authorities. This will be the fifth time that Diaz has been deported. In 1999, he was convicted of drug related charges in the state and was deported. He was sent back again in 2002, 2004, and 2006. (Delaware Online, June 30, 2008)

  • June 2008—Miguel Montez-Flores, a Mexican national residing in Silver Spring, Maryland, was sentenced to seven years of prison for illegal reentering the country after being deported. In 1997, Montez was twice convicted of drug charges and deported. Since then, he has illegally reentered the United States and convicted three times of DUI and various other motor vehicle and assault charges using an alias. Flores will be deported after serving his seven years. (Baltimore Examiner, June 27, 2008)

  • June 2008—Martin Santos, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, pled guilty to rape of twelve year old in Washington County Criminal Court in Tennessee. He was sentenced to eighteen years in prison and faces deportation afterwards. (Tri-City News, June 26, 2008)

  • June 2008—Gustavo Granados, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, pled guilty in Rhode Island to illegally reentering the United States after being deported in March. In 1992, Granados was convicted of second-degree child abuse in Rhode Island and twice deported. Granados was sentenced to forty-six months in prison and will be deported following the sentence. (Providence, Rhode Island, June 21, 2008)

  • May 2008—Jose Lachira Carranza, an illegal immigrant from Peru, was sentenced to eight years in prison for assaulting two men during a bar fight in West Orange 2006. This is not Carranaza’s first foray into crime. Currently, he is indicted on charges of sexual assault on a minor, as well as a prime suspect in the triple slayings in Newark. (New York Times, May 13, 2008)

  • May 2008—Ignacio Merendon-Zerega,an illegal immigrant from Mexico, was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for felony homicide in Oregon. In December, Merendon, while driving under the influence, crashed his car, killing one person. According to court records, Merendon had six previous drunk driving convictions, a hit and run conviction, repeated license suspensions and revocations, and a previous deportation to Mexico. ( News-Register, May 06, 2008).

APRIL 16, 2008

New York restaurant owner among 11 charged with harboring in ICE probe
45 illegal alien workers arrested on immigration violations at owner’s seven restaurants


BUFFALO, N.Y. – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) special agents arrested 11 individuals today for conspiring to harbor illegal aliens who were smuggled into the United States to work in Mexican restaurants in four states.

The United States Attorney for the Western District of New York, Terrance P. Flynn, and Julie L. Myers, Assistant Secretary for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), announced the arrests Wednesday morning. The defendants are charged in a criminal complaint with conspiracy to harbor illegal aliens, primarily undocumented Mexican nationals, who were smuggled into the country to fill jobs at seven Mexican restaurants.

The 11 suspects were taken into custody at the following locations: six in the Western District of New York, one in Bradford, Pa, two in W Va., and two in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Those arrested include:

  • Jorge Delarco of Depew, N.Y., owner of all seven restaurants;

  • Javier Banda, of Depew, N.Y., restaurant manager;

  • Sergio Resendiz, of Salamanca, N.Y., restaurant manager;

  • Maurilio Feria, of Alleghany, N.Y., restaurant manager;

  • Jesus Escalante, of Dunkirk, N.Y., restaurant manager;

  • Honorio Banda, of Bradford, Pa., restaurant manager;

  • Alberto Antimo, of New Martinsville, W.Va., restaurant manager;

  • Miguel Antimo, of Dunkirk, N.Y., restaurant manager;

  • Alejandro Garcia, of Wheeling, W.Va., restaurant manager; and

  • Alvaro Soto, of Willoughby, Ohio, restaurant manager.

“Employers who exploit illegal alien labor to reap greater profits for themselves can expect to pay a high price for their greed,” said Julie L. Myers, Assistant Secretary of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). “Whether the violator is a multinational corporation or a small business, ICE is aggressively targeting employers who use illegal alien workers to gain an unfair business advantage and take jobs away from legal workers.”

In addition to the 11 criminal arrests, 45 illegal aliens were detained at 10 different sites in four states. They will be processed for removal on administrative immigration violations.

Today’s operation, which involved approximately130 ICE agents and 30 state and local law enforcement officers, is the result of an investigation that began in May 2006. The U.S. Attorney noted that his office is coordinating closely with the U.S. Attorneys in Atlanta, Ga., Wheeling W.Va., Cleveland, Ohio, and Erie, Pa.

As part of the operation, ICE agents and local officers executed search warrants at the seven restaurants, six residences occupied by the owners and managers of the restaurants, and 12 apartments used to house undocumented aliens. The Mexican restaurants targeted in the investigation are located in four states. They include:

  • El Caporal Mexican Restaurant, Cheektowaga, N.Y.;

  • Azteca Mexican Food Cantina, Vineyard Drive, Dunkirk, N.Y.;

  • Don Lorenzo Mexican Restaurant, Allegany, N.Y.;

  • La Herradura Mexican Restaurant, Bradford, Pa.;

  • Jalapeno Loco Mexican Restaurant in Mentor, Ohio;

  • Nogales Mexican Restaurant in Wheeling, W.Va.; and

  • El Caporal Restaurant in New Martinsville, W.Va.

In addition, ICE agents searched a home connected to the Delarco organization in Marietta, Ga., for cash the defendant may have skimmed from his restaurants.

The Cheektowaga Police Department, the New York State Police, the U.S. Department of Labor, and Customs and Border Protection’s Office of the Border Patrol all assisting ICE agents during the ICE operation in Western New York. Other federal, state and local partners assisted the ICE operations in Pa, Ohio, W.Va., and Ga.         — ICE —

  • April 2008—Francisco Ruben Morales Ramos, an illegal Mexican national, pled guilty to second degree murder and armed criminal action in St. Joseph, Missouri. Last February, Ramos stabbed his roommate with a kitchen knife in their apartment. Ramos was sentenced to life plus twenty years. (St. Joseph News Press, April 30, 2008)

  • April 2008—Anunciacion Santos Turcios, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, pled guilty to second degree murder in Newport News, Virginia. After an altercation with his roommate, he killed him with a pick ax. He faces charges up to forty years for the crime. (Newport News, April 07, 2008)

  • April 2008—Miguel Paz-Calderon, a nineteen year old illegal immigrant, pled guilty to hit and run in San Rafael, California. In February, Paz backed his van from a garage into a passerby, pinning her between his bumper and a pillar. He fled the scene but was detained by residents until police could arrive. He was sentenced to six months in jail and could face deportation. (Martin Independent Journal, April 02, 2008).

  • March 2008—Eddie Carbajal-Lile, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, pled guilty to felony homicide in Lima, Wisconsin. Last summer while driving under the influence, Carbajal-Lile struck a car with three teenage passengers, killing one person. After the wreck, he fled the scene and was apprehended two weeks late in Ohio. Prosecutors have recommended a sentence of ten years (Sheybogan Press, March 25, 2008)

  • March 2008—In Redding Pennsylvania, Jose Salvador Alcantar-Ruiz, twice deported illegal alien from Mexico, pled guilty to false impersonation, vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence, and obstructing an officer. In March, Alcantar-Ruiz unintentionally ran over a three year old child. When questioned, he gave police offers someone elses drivers license. He was sentenced to sixteen months in prison and will face deportation. (The Associated Press, March 21, 2008)

  • March 2008—Diego Pillico, illegal immigrant from Ecuador, pled guilty to first degree manslaughter in New York City. Caught trying to steal money from a client’s purse, Pillico murdered her and attempted to disguise it as a suicide. In exchange for his plea, Pillico was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison (WCAX TV, March 13, 2008).

February 26, 2008

Local ICE Fugitive Operations Team arrests 52 in 4-day operation
Teams across the nation make 225 arrests in six states


BUFFALO, N.Y. – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced Tuesday that its local team of officers that tracks down criminal and fugitive aliens arrested 52 aliens as part of a four-day, six-state operation that ended Monday. The Buffalo fugitive operation focused on the cities of Binghamton and Syracuse

“Fugitive aliens” are illegal aliens who fail to leave the country after having been ordered to do so by a federal immigration judge.

Eleven fugitive operations teams made 225 arrests in: New York, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Missouri. Of the 52 aliens arrested by ICE’s Buffalo Fugitive Operations Team, 21 were fugitives, and 22 were aliens with criminal convictions. The arrests took place in Binghamton (30 arrests) and Syracuse (22 arrests).

“Our teams working together across six states today sent a strong message to those who choose to disregard our nation’s laws,” said Julie L. Myers, Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for ICE. “If you ignore a judge’s order of removal, ICE will find you, arrest you, and you will be returned to your home country.”

ICE has established 75 Fugitive Operations Teams nationwide that are specially trained and dedicated solely to identifying, locating and arresting aliens who have absconded after receiving deportation orders. The increased FY 2008 budget allocates funds for the implementation of an additional 29 teams nationally.

The following are examples of fugitives arrested by the Fugitive Operations Teams during this operation in the Syracuse area:

  • A man with a conviction for aggravated assault for stabbing a man during a fight.

  • An individual who is a registered sex offender and has a conviction for rape – 3rd degree.

The following are examples of fugitives arrested during this operation in the Binghamton area:

  • An individual with a conviction for burglary and criminal prosecution of a weapon.

  • Another man who has a conviction for statutory rape of a minor.

Fugitives and other immigration violators arrested in the operation are citizens of the following countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Jamaica, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cuba, El Salvador, India, Iraq, Iran, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Trinidad.

The Fugitive Operations Teams’ success is also attributed to the fact ICE has expanded partnerships with local law enforcement agencies across the country and the newly created Fugitive Operations Support Center (FOSC) in Vermont, which aids in gathering and analyzing information on fugitive cases across the country. This center was opened last year and has since disseminated more than 150,000 case leads to ICE agents.

ICE established its Fugitive Operations Program in 2003 to eliminate the nation’s backlog of immigration fugitives and ensure that deportation orders handed down by immigration judges are enforced. The teams prioritize cases involving immigration violators who pose a threat to national security and community safety. These include child sexual exploiters, suspected gang members and those who have convictions for any violent crimes.

Nationwide, ICE Fugitive Operations Teams have arrested more than 72,000 illegal aliens since the first teams were created. There are approximately 585,000 fugitive aliens in ICE’s databases; but our targeted enforcement strategy is paying off. Last year, the nation’s fugitive alien population declined for the first time in history and continues to do so – in large part due to the work of the Fugitive Operations Teams.

ICE’s Fugitive Operations Program is an integral part of the comprehensive multi-year plan launched by the Department of Homeland Security to secure America’s borders and reduce illegal migration. That strategy seeks to gain operational control of both the northern and southern borders, while re-engineering the detention and removal system to ensure that illegal aliens are removed from the country quickly and efficiently.

  • February 2008—Richard Toledo, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, pled guilty to two counts of murder and one count of kidnapping in Stafford, New Jersey. On January of 2006, Toledo murdered two young brothers and kidnapped their mother by knifepoint. He faces up to thirty years and life in prison for the murders, and an additional thirty years for the kidnapping. (Asbury and Park Press, February 9, 2008).

  • February 2008—Howard County Circuit Judge Lenore R. Gelfman rejected Eduardo Raul Morales-Soriano’s plea agreement. While driving under the influence, Morales-Soriano, an illegal alien form Mexico, crashed into a car resulting in resulting in the deaths of a marine corporal and his date on Thanksgiving. In September, he pled guilty to vehicular manslaughter in exchange for an eight year sentence offered by prosecutors. If he goes to trial and is convicted all offenses, he could face up to twenty years in prison (Baltimore Sun, February 4, 2008)

  • February 2008—Noe Garcia Moncada, an illegal alien, pled guilty to striking and fleeing the site of an accident in North Bend, Oregon. In October, Moncadaa struck and killed a Springfield couple as they walked to their hotel. After the crash, he hid his truck and attempted to flee to his native Mexico. The judge sentenced him to six years in prison, the maximum, for his crime. (The World, February 2, 2008)

  • January 16, 2008

  • ICE removes 107 individuals, more than half criminals, to Nigeria and the Middle East
    A total of 107 people from four countries removed on one flight

  • NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. – In a major removal operation U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deported 94 Nigerian nationals yesterday to Lagos, Nigeria. Fifty-five of the Nigerians removed had criminal histories in the United States.

  • The criminal histories of those removed included sex crimes, assault, cruelty to a child, drug convictions, embezzlement, forgery, fraud and counterfeiting.

  • The flight, contracted for by the Office of Detention and Removal Operations (DRO) Operations Support and Coordination Unit, carried a total of 107 individuals being removed from the United States, including 11 Palestinian nationals, 1 Moroccan national and 1 Egyptian national. Four of the Palestinians and both the Moroccan and the Egyptian had criminal histories. The individuals had been housed at various detention facilities across the country and were staged at the Batavia, N.Y. Federal Detention Facility shortly before the flight.  The flight departed Niagara Falls Airport on the afternoon of January 15 stopping in Lagos, Nigeria, Cairo, Egypt and Amman, Jordan.

  • The Canadian government also participated in the flight to remove 10 Nigerian deportees, 7 of whom were criminals. The flight was staffed with 20 DRO officers and 6 Canadian officers. 2 Nigerian Consular officers from their embassy in the U.S. and 1 Nigerian Consular from their embassy in Canada accompanied the flight.

  • “More than half of the individuals on this flight have criminal records in the United States. The ICE mission is to protect national security and public safety and this removal operation is an outstanding example of how we accomplish that mission,” said Charles Mule’, acting field office director for ICE detention and removal operations in Buffalo. “All of the individuals removed had due process through America’s criminal and immigration courts and the foreign governments worked closely with ICE to make the return to their home countries possible.”

  • In fiscal year 2007, ICE removed more than 278,000 aliens from the country including over 41,000 who returned voluntarily to their country of nationality, a record for the agency. More than 91,000 had criminal histories.
    ICE manages alien transportation and repatriation flights via government-leased and chartered aircraft, and is also the largest user of the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (JPATS). JPATS is a shared program between ICE, the U.S. Marshals Service and the Bureau of Prisons, that is used to affect the majority of the ICE removals, particularly to Central America and the Caribbean basin.

  • January 2008—Selvin Hernandez-Flores, previously deported illegal immigrant from Honduras, pled guilty to public intoxication and possession of marijuana in Cedar Springs, Iowa. The judge sentenced to fifteen months in federal prison. Hernandez-Flores had been arrested thirty five times, but thwarted law enforcement officials with his use of at least eighteen names and birth dates. (WCF Courier, January 24th, 2008)

  • January 2008—Federico Balbuena, Mexican illegal immigrant, pled guilty to luring teenage girl to his home in Easton, Pennsylvania. He was sentenced to serve 7-14months, and federal authorities placed a detainment on his record meaning he will likely be deported after the sentence. (The Morning Call, January 19th, 2008)

  • January 2008—Milton Estrada, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, pled guilty to inappropriately touching the sixteen year old daughters of his ex-girlfriend in Long Beach, New Jersey. He was sentenced to five years in prison, and federal authorities placed a detainment on his record, meaning he will likely be deported after his sentence. (APP, January 18, 2008)

  • January 2008—Juan Us Ralios (also known as Minguel A. Marcano), an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, pled guilty to driving under the influence, no driver’s license, and falsification and obstruction of official business in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. Us Ralios was involved in a traffic accident in June that left a Dover man dead, and prior to that crashed into a tree while driving under the influence, where he used the other name (Times Reporter, January 4th)

  • December 2007—Jonathan Naravez-Pena., an illegal immigrant, pled guilty to the charge vehicular manslaughter in Nashville, Tennessee. In October, while driving under the influence, Pena crashed into a car killing a young man and his son. In exchange for his plea, prosecutors recommend a prison time of sixteen years (News Channel 5, December 18, 2007).

  • December 2007—Rafael Avelino Gines, an illegal immigrant, was sentenced to sixteen months in prison for a felony hit and run occurring on November 28th. After serving his sentence he faces deportation charges. (KATU, December 17, 2007)

  • December 2007—Jose Santa Portillo-Chicas, a Salvadorian illegal immigrant, pled guilty to capital murder in Stafford, Virginia. In exchange for his plea, Portillo-Chicas, a MS-13 gang member, was sentenced to life in prison (Media General News Service, December 13, 2007)

  • December 2007—Rodolfo Ramirez, a Latin American illegal immigrant, confessed to a hit and run in Laurel Maryland occurring on November 25th. Ramirez, who had been living illegally for the past nine years, faces charges of manslaughter and lying to the police. (NBC-4, December 13, 2007)

  • December 2007—Andres Hernandez Cabrera, an illegal immigrant, pled guilty to custodial interference and was sentenced to eleven months and twenty nine days. Cabrera was accused of kidnapping a baby and injuring two people in a crash on November 28th in Chattanooga Tennessee. Immigration Customs and Enforcement placed him on detainment, meaning he will likely be deported after the sentence. (News Channel 9, Chattanooga, Tenn., December 5, 2007)

  • December 2007—Eddy W. Perez-Escobar, age twenty-seven, pled guilty to first-degree statutory sodomy, stemming from a child molestation case in Carthage, Missouri on July 26, 2006. In exchange for his plea, Escobar was sentenced to five years in prison, and was released to Immigration Customs and Enforcement for deportation proceedings. (The Joplin Globe, December 03)

  • November 2007—Pedro Santos, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, pled guilty to the charges of vehicular manslaughter in Clayton, Missouri. In April, Santos, while driving under the influence, crashed into a car killing a young woman. (Belleville News-Democrat, November 27, 2007)

  • November 2007—Alfred Ramos, an illegal immigrant, was sentenced to twenty four years in prison in Virginia Beach. On March 30, Ramos, while driving under the influence, crashed into a car, killing two teenagers. (Newport News Daily Press, November 20, 2007)

  • November 2007— Jesus Mora Nava, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, pled guilty to molestation of a minor in Poway, California. (San Diego Union-Tribune, November 16, 2007).

  • November 2007—Avenamar Perez, an illegal Mexican national, pled guilty to hit and run accident occurring on November 11th, when he crashed into a Memphis motorcycle policeman. (ABC News Channel 24 Memphis, November 16, 2007)

  • November 2007—Oscar Lopez, twenty four, pled guilty to child endangering charges, stemming from a child sexual assault case in Bridgeton, New Jersey of August 31, 2006. In exchange for his plea, Lopez received three years in prison. Immigration Customs and Enforcement placed a detainment on the Mexican native, meaning he will likely be deported after the sentence. (The Press of Atlantic City, November 14, 2007)

  • November 2007—Jose De Jesus Euzondo Balderas, nineteen year old illegal immigrant from Mexico, was convicted of felony death in Greensboro, North Carolina and sentenced to five years. Under the influence of cocaine and alcohol, he crashed into a parked car in September resulting in the death of two persons. (Greensboro, N.C. News-Record, November 14, 2007)

  • November 2007—Jose Cruz-Garcia, a thirty two year old Mexican, was arrested in Nogales, Arizona in a drug seizure. A fingerprint scan and records check revealed that Cruz-Garcia was convicted in 1998 of raping a child in Washington. (Arizona Daily Star, November 2, 2007)

  • October 2007—Elbin Fabiel Ocampo-Cruz, a twenty-two year old illegal alien from Honduras, faces criminal charges, stemming from a wreck on Interstate 540 on October 25th. According to court records, Mr. Ocampo-Cruz, who earlier had been ordered deported, was on probation for several offenses at the time of the wreck. (WRAL, October 31, 2007)

  • October 2007—Carlos De La Cruz Ramos, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, was sentenced for one year in Chesapeake for sex with a minor. (The Virginian-Pilot, October 30, 2007)

  • October 2007—Adan Pineda-Doval, age twenty one of Michoacan, Mexico, was found guilty in federal court in Phoenix of 10 counts of transportation of illegal aliens resulting in death, one count of transportation of illegal aliens placing lives in jeopardy. (Yuma Sun, October 26, 2006)

  • October 2007— Jose Abel Cobrea Somosa, a thirty-five year old illegal immigrant from El Salvador, was charged with attempted first degree murder of a police officer in Phoenix. (Arizona Republic, October 24, 2007) He was sentenced to 34 years in prison in 2009. (Arizona Republic, March 27, 2009)

  • October 2007—Wilson Gilberto Alba-Cano, a twenty-seven year old illegal immigrant, was arrested on Sunday in a drunk-driving fatal hit and run case, which killed a 5-year old and seriously injured three others, in Phoenix Arizona. (KHPO, October 21, 2007).

  • October 2007—Eladio Reza-Reza, an illegal alien, was arrested on charges of sexual misconduct with a minor and burglary in Phoenix on October 12th. He is also a suspect in a string of rapes in the Chandler area. (KTAR, October 19, 2007)

  • October 2007—Antonio M. Borja, a Salvadoran illegal alien, was arrested for murder in Georgetown, South Carolina. (WCIV, October 18th, 2007)

  • October 2007—Altin Shabi, a twenty-seven year old Albanian illegal immigrant, was charged with criminal sexual assault and home invasion in Detroit. (Detroit News, October 15)

  • September 2007—In Northwest Arkansas, 41 illegal aliens with gang ties to the Mexican Mafia, Sureno 13, Latin Kings and Mara Salvatrucha were apprehended for serious crimes. Some of the gang members had been previously deported, and some of those arrested were also charged with violating parole or probation . (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, September 19, 2007)

  • September 2007—Erik Jovani Martinez, an illegal alien deported in March 2006 after a prison term for a theft felony conviction, shot to death a Phoenix police officer September 18. Martinez was arrested in May 2006 after he sneaked back into the country, but the Scotsdale police apparently did not check his immigration status . (Arizona Republic, September 20, 2007)

  • September 2007—Christian Molina, an alien deported in 2003 and 2005 (after a conviction for aggravated robbery in 2004, strangled to death another man in a drunken brawl in the Washington, DC suburbs . (Washington Post, September 7, 2007)

  • September 2007—Porfirio Ramirez-Baca an illegal alien who was deported in 1997 was arrested for assaulting two teenagers in the Washington, DC suburb of Woodbridge. (Washington Post, September 7, 2007)

  • August 2007—Mauro Cisneros, a Mexican illegal alien, who had been deported in March 2003, was arrested in Sheboygan, Wisconsin for endangering children. He was identified as a member of the California-based Sureno 13 gang with a record that includes an arrest in Nevada for kidnapping, in California for burglary and in Texas for robbery twice charged with felony drug offenses and convicted and sentenced to prison in cases filed in 1999 and 2002. (The Sheboygan Press, August 22, 2007)

  • August 2007—Eddie Carbajal-Lile, a 27-year-old Mexican illegal alien, is being sought for the drunken driving death of a teenager in Wisconsin . (The Sheboygan Press, August 22, 2007)

  • August 2007—Juan Felix Salinas, a Mexican illegal immigrant, was charged with intoxicated manslaughter for the deaths of a family of three in Houston, Texas. He had been previously arrested twice earlier in the year for assault and public intoxication, and in March had been arrested for domestic violence, but was released by posting a ‘non-arrest’ bond. (Houston Chronicle, August 21, 2007)

  • August 2007—Israel Rivera Balderas, a 20-year-old Mexican illegal immigrant, is being sought for the gang-related shooting death of a teenager in Vallejo, California. Rivera pled in June 2005 no contest to felony second-degree robbery and received probation. In January 2006, his probation was revoked after he was charged as being a felon in possession of a firearm and carrying a concealed weapon, and he was deported to Mexico. (Times-Herald, August 18, 2007)

  • August 2007—Jose Lachira Carranza, an illegal immigrant from Peru, was charged with the execution-style murder of three youth and the wounding of a fourth in New Jersey. He could have been turned over to federal immigration authorities after he was earlier arrested three times on criminal charges (one charge of aggravated assault and two of sexual assault). He was released on bail at the time of the murders. Five others, including two Nicaraguans, have also been arrested for the murders. (The New York Times, August 19, 2007)

  • August 2007—Manuel De Jesus Gonzalez-Geronimo, a Guatemalan illegal alien, surrendered a day after killing two construction workers and seriously injuring two others in a hit-and-run accident in Montgomery County, Maryland. He told police he ran because he “was scared and didn’t have a license. (Washington Post, August 15, 2007)

  • August 2007—Alejandro Bautista, who admitted to entering the United States illegally from Mexico, was sentenced to 6 year in prison for criminal sexual assault and aggravated criminal sexual abuse against two teenage brothers. (Chicago Tribune, August 14, 2007)

  • August 2007—Jose Carranza, a Peruvian illegal alien, was charged with the execution-style shooting of four teenagers, three of whom were killed. Carranza had been indicted twice earlier in the year for sexual assault on a child and for a bar fight. He was free on bond, and immigration authorities had not been contacted in his case. Another suspect in the shootings, Rodolfo Godinez, reportedly obtained legal U.S. residence in 2001 despite a lengthy arrest record. (AP news in Washington Times, August 14, 2007)

  • August 2007—Alejandro Rivera Gamboa and Gilberto Arellano Gamboa, Mexican illegal immigrants, were charged with killing a teenage girl from Texas visiting in Oregon. Rivera Gamboa, who was in possession of an Oregon state ID, card had been arrested four times in Oregon since 2000 for drunken driving. Immigration authorities said they had never been contacted by Oregon authorities. (Associated Press Texas News, August 10, 2007)

  • August 2007—Rocca Mejia Cinto, a 19-year old Mexican illegal immigrant was apprehended in Pennsylvania after fleeing from New York City where he is accused of “a senseless act of violence” in the unprovoked stabbing death of a 44-year old father of two. Authorities speculated that Mejia Cinto’s action was provoked by his involvement in gang warfare. (Standard Speaker, Penn., August 9, 2007)

  • July 2007—Nilssen Torres Paredes, an Ecuadorian illegal immigrant, pleaded guilty in New York to manslaughter for the drunken driving accident that killed two people when he struck a car while speeding and driving the wrong way. He had illegally reentered the United States after being deported in 1997 after a conviction on weapons charges. (Newsday, July 31, 2007)

  • July 2007—David Raigoza Franco, a 34-year-old illegal immigrant, was charged with criminally negligent homicide and drunk driving for an accident that killed his 8-year old daughter. He was using false identification, but was identified through his fingerprints to have a criminal record and outstanding warrants for arrest including for probation violation . ( 7/24/07 and KRTV News, July 25, 2007)

  • July 2007—Gilberto Cruz, an illegal alien, was convicted of first-degree murder for the shotgun slaying of his former girlfriend in Colorado. He commented at his trial (as translated), “If I knew how to use the shotgun, she wouldn’t have died in the street, she would have been dead in the house.”

  • July 2007—A 24-year old Mexican man was arrested in Arizona for entering the country illegally. He had been convicted in 2006 of child molestation in Florida and deported earlier this year.

  • July 2007—Marcelo Mota, a Brazilian illegal immigrant, was arrested in New Jersey on charges of serial rape and sexual assault in cases in the Boston and New York City areas dating back to at least 2003 to which he has confessed. He arrived in 2001 on a visitor’s visa and stayed illegally. (The Boston Globe, July 17, 2007)

  • July 2007—Jose Valenzuela, a Mexican, was arrested in Ohio for having returned following his deportation for having been convicted in 1998 of “gross sexual imposition involving a juvenile girl. (The Dayton Daily News, July 11, 2007)

  • July 2007—Ezeiquiel Lopez, a Mexican illegal alien, shot and killed a Kenosha County Deputy Sheriff. He had been jailed for violent crimes twice before but not deported. (The Bloomberg News July 6, 2007)

  • June 2007—Jesus Bernal, an illegal immigrant with two previous DUI convictions, was sentenced in Cincinnati to fifty-five years for vehicular manslaughter of three persons and serious injury to two others in June. (Cincinnati TV station WLWT, website consulted November 5, 2007)

  • June 2007—Ricardo Contreras, an illegal alien crashed into two cars on I-40 in North Carolina while driving drunk. He had been deported twice before in 2004. (The NBC News Raleigh, June 6, 2007)

  • June 2007—Michael Caldera Delatorre, an illegal immigrant who had been deported twice in the past three years, caused a highway crash in North Carolina that killed one and injured another driver. Caldera was drunk, had a fake ID, and was driving a stolen vehicle. (WRAL News, June 5, 2007)

  • May 2, 2007

  • ICE nabs couple for making and selling fraudulent ID documents
    Documents included fake alien registration and Social Security cards

  • BUFFALO, N.Y. – U.S. Immigration and Enforcement special agents have arrested two New York state residents for manufacturing and selling counterfeit alien registration cards and social security cards. Belkys Martinez and her spouse, George Dantz were arrested yesterday at their residence in Dansville.

  • Special agents from the ICE Office of Investigations in Buffalo developed information through a confidential source that the two were selling counterfeit documents. The two were arrested after selling a number of the counterfeit cards to undercover ICE agents.

  • Martinez and Dantz face three charges: violation of 18 USC Section 1028 manufacturing and selling counterfeit documents 18 USC Section 1546 manufacturing and selling counterfeit resident alien cards and 45 USC Section 408, manufacturing and selling counterfeit social security cards.

  • Making and selling counterfeit identity documents such as fake alien resident cards and social security cards or passports help illegal aliens, criminals and even terrorists evade detection and embed themselves in our society. Document fraud often supports the crime of immigration benefit fraud.

  • Both Martinez and Dantz appeared for the first time before a federal magistrate in Buffalo this afternoon. The United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of New York is prosecuting the case.

  • April 2007—Juan Crisantos-Ramos, a forty-six year old Mexican citizen, was arrested in Nogales, Arizona after reentering the county illegally. Crisantos-Ramos was convicted of second degree murder and burglary in New Jersey, and was deported in April after serving his sentence. (Arizona Daily Star, November 2, 2007)

  • November 2006—Diego Pillco, an illegal alien construction worker, killed actress Adrienne Shelly, the mother of a toddler, in New York and tried to make it look like a suicide. (The New York Daily News, November 7, 2006)

  • November 2006—Pastor Rios Sanchez, a Mexican illegal alien, was charged with the drunken driving death of three youths in North Carolina in October. He had been convicted in the state for driving without a license in 2005 and twice earlier in 2006. (The News Observer, November 7 2006)

  • September 2006—Juan Leonardo Quintero, shot and killed a Houston police officer after being detained for speeding. Quintero, had been deported to Mexico in 1999 for molesting a 12-year-old girl. (World Net Daily, September 28, 2006)

  • June 2006—Dilfredy Rodriguez, a Cuban Mariel detainee released after a Supreme Court ruling against indefinite detention, who was shot dead after ramming a police car attempting to stop him for driving erratically while driving a stolen bus. (The Miami Herald, June 22, 2006)

  • June 2006—Nicolas Serrano, a Dominican, stabbed his girlfriend to death in Rockville, Maryland. In 1998 he was arrested for selling crack cocaine to police informants. He served four months in jail. He was convicted of a misdemeanor sex offense in Washington, DC in 2000 and later pled guilty in a federal drug case, but apparently was released for cooperating with the FBI. In 1997 he was charged with attempted murder of the same person he murdered in 2006. He was also charged with assault and battery by the mother of the victim. He was ordered deported in 2005 after charges of attempted murder were made against him, but he may not have been removed. (The Washington Post, June 6, 2006)

  • June 2006—Javier Rico, a Mexican, killed the mother of an 8-year old boy while driving drunk in Chicago. He had been convicted of DUI in 2005 and had jumped bail on still another DUI case. (The Chicago Tribune, June 1, 2006)

  • May 2006—Hugo Martinez, a Mexican illegal alien, murdered two women and attempted to murder a third in Nassau, New York all while high on crack cocaine. (Newsday, May 19, 2006)

  • April 2006— Esdras Cardona, a Guatemalan illegal alien and dishwasher at a club in Florida, raped another employee, was convicted, and is serving a 20-year sentence in Florida. (The Daily News [Palm Beach], December 20, 2008).

  • February 2006—Domingo Esqueda, a Mexican illegal alien, crashed into and killed a California Highway Patrol officer on a motorcycle while driving drunk and without a license. (The Desert Dispatch, February 28, 2006)

  • November 2005—Fredy Lopez-Gamez, a Mexican illegal alien, presumably fled back to Mexico while being sought by police after arresting his brother and two others for beating, kidnapping and holding a man for ransom. He was jailed in 2003 for kidnapping his estranged wife, and was arrested in June 2005 for selling cocaine. He was turned over to ICE and deported in September, but sneaked back ten weeks later . (Rocky Mountain News, June 13, 2006)

  • November 2005—Jorge Humberto Hernandez-Soto was charged with involuntary manslaughter for killing a < University of North Carolina female student by crashing into her while driving the wrong way on I-485 faster than 100 mph while drunk. He had been convicted twice before for DUI and had been removed from the United States 17 times. (The Charlotte Observer, November 22, 2005)

  • November 2005—Juan Lizcano, a Mexican who entered the country illegally in 2001, shot and killed a police officer in Dallas, Texas. He had been detained twice before by the police but immigration authorities had not been notified. (World Net Daily, November 28, 2005)

  • May 2005—Raul Gomez Garcia, an illiterate Mexican illegal alien, shot two police officers, killing one after being denied entry to a party. He fled to Mexico where he was later arrested and extradited under the condition that he would not receive a death penalty and convicted and sentenced to 80 years imprisonment. Gomez Garcia testified he always carried a gun. He had been stopped by Denver police on three occasions prior to the shooting . (New York Times, November 26, 2005 and Rocky Mountain News, September 29, 2007)

  • February 2005—Oswaldo Martinez, a Salvadoran illegal alien, raped a 16-year-old girl in James City, Virginia. A year earlier he had been arrested for drunk driving, and was found to be using a fake Social Security card. (The Virginia Gazette, February 26, 2005)

  • October 2004—Ricardo Cepates, a Honduran illegal immigrant, was found guilty of multiple cases of rape in New Jersey, including two of Rutgers university students between 2001 and 2003. In 1998, despite a deportation order, he was released on probation after pleading guilty to attacking a Brunswick woman on the street and holding a knife to her throat. (The Daily Targum, October 27, 2004)

  • July 2004—Juan Carlos Solis, a Mexican illegal alien, and three others were charged with aggravated murder, first degree robbery and burglary for the break-in of a home in Oregon where they shot to death a man and wounded his teenage son in a robbery. Solis, who had an Oregon driver’s license, had been previously deported. (WorldNetDaily, May 9, 2005)

  • May 2004—Nicolas Serrano-Villagrana, an illegal alien, was convicted of felony drunk driving for plowing into bystanders at a bus stop that killed a 4-year-old and injured two others. He had previously been arrested for drunk driving, but immigration authorities had not been contacted. (Editorial, Las Vegas Review-Journal, May 21, 2004).


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— Ricardo Victoria-Escorza, 20, of Port Jefferson

and Eusebio Trejo-Garcia, 23, of Austin, Texas,

were pulled over in a vehicle for speeding on Interstate

86 in North Harmony. Both were found to allegedly

be in the United States illegally. They were taken

into custody and turned over to United States Border



Florencio Cruz-Hernandez, 22,

Jose L. Castro-Lopez, 18, and

Juan Cruz-Martinez, 34, all of Randolph,

were charged with being in the country illegally

Sunday at 9:40 p.m. A vehicle was allegedly seen

going east on Fifth Street with no plate lamps. It

was stopped on East Fifth and Spring streets with

four passengers. When it was stopped, allegedly

the only person with ID at first was the driver. Then

two of the other males produced ID. They said they

worked on a farm in the Randolph area. They were

believed to be in the country illegally. The U.S. Border

Patrol in Erie went to the Jamestown Police Department

to interview the three males. They were detained until

Border Patrol arrived and were taken into custody. The

driver of the vehicle was issued a traffic ticket and



Post-Journal July 21, 2010


¯ Imar Mateo-Francisco,27, of Dunkirk was turned
over to the U.S. Border Patrol on Saturday after an
incident and subsequent investigation revealed he
was in the country illegally. Deputies reported that
around 5 a.m., he was pulled over on North Main
Street in Jamestown for a traffic infraction. The Border
Patrol was contacted for assistance in determining
his immigration status and, as deputies were waiting for
information from federal authorities, he allegedly fled
on foot. He was chased down by deputies and taken
into custody and charged with resisting arrest and
second-degree obstruction of governmental administration
and turned over to the U.S. Border Patrol for possible
federal charges and deportation to Mexico.

PJ 06-20-2010

Police Seize Marijuana From Cold Spring Home, Arrest Illegal Alien


Police say they have seized more than 1,100 marijuana

plants from a home in Western New York.

Authorities said the plants were in several

rooms of a home in Cold Spring, in rural Cattaraugus

County. They were being cultivated with the help of

thousands of dollars worth of high tech equipment.

Agents with the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task

Force arrested a 31-year old suspect, Xiao Xia Ting.

Police said he was a Chinese citizen and in the U.S.

illegally. They estimated the value of the crop at $2 million.

PJ 05-30-2010

DUNKIRK — Benjamin Lopez, 32, 3742 East
Main Road, lot 69, Fredonia, was turned over to border
patrol agents after a vehicle stop resulted in an
illegal alien investigation at 9:28 p.m. Friday on Vineyard Drive.
PJ 03-09-2010
POMFRET — Fidel Jiminez Lopez, 26, a Fredonia resident, was taken into custody for
illegal entry into the United States, following a traffic stop on Route 20.
Troopers reported that around 10p.m., Lopez was pulled over for an exhaust violation,
and was unable to produce a Visa or Passport. The immigration and Customs Enforcement
was contacted, and was able to confirm that Lopez was in the country illegally, according to
state police. He was taken into custody and turned over to customs officials at the State Police
Barracks in Fredonia.
“2 More illegal immigrants nabbed locally”
 PJ 02-16-2010
¯ DUNKIRK — Jose
Santiago-Vega, 23, Dunkirk, was charged with
driving while intoxicated, moving from a lane unsafely,
unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and open
container after a 1:14 a.m. accident Sunday on South
Roberts Road. Police report a passenger in the car Vega
was driving, Juan Diego Ramos Ramos, 26, Dunkirk
was taken into custody by the U.S. Border Patrol on
suspicion of illegal immigration. Santiago posted
$1,000 bail but remained in custody on an immigration
warrant and was taken to county jail awaiting transfer
to border patrol officials.
Jan 6, 2010
Francisco Cuevas-Vera was taken into cus today
after Sheriff deputies responded to a 7:04 pm accident
Dec. 28 on I -86. Deputies reported that one of the
drivers involved in the accident was from Mexico
and allegedly did not have United States citizenship.
He was taken to the Cattaraugus County Jail and
held awaiting a deportation hearing.
Post Journal 12-22-09
Employees at Wal-Mart contacted Conewango
township police at 11:30 p.m. Dec. 18 about a suspicious
person who had been in the store for over 24
hours. Police said they detained Daniel Vazquez,
19, Mexico. When he was asked to produce identification,
police said Vazquez admitted being in the U.S.
illegally. Police said Vazquez was taken into
custody and then released into the custody of U.S.
Border Patrol agents from Erie, pending deportation.
Around 10:30 a.m. Saturday, police were once again
called when two men were looking for their friend,
Daniel Vazquez. Police said Feliciano Rodriguez, 26,
and Genaro Martinez, 27, both of Mexico, were taken
into custody as illegal aliens. Police said U.S. Border
Patrol agents took the pair into custody for deportation.

December 5, 2009

NYS Police ¯ COLLINS— Bonifacio Hermenegildo, 29, of Mexico,
reportedly an illegal alien, was found by troopers while investigating
a reported open burning and mud complaint on Lenox Road in Collins.
Hermenegildo, reportedly working as a “farm hand” on the Degenfelder Farm,
was taken in to custody by U.S. Border Patrol agents who were summoned by an investigating trooper.

May 27, 2009


Santiago F. Lopez, 35, of Guatemala was taken into
custody and turned over to the U.S. Boarder Patrol Sunday as he is suspected
of being an illegal immigrant. Police say they were called to investigate a suspicious
person inside a West Ellicott business around 5:30 p.m., and when the boarder patrol
was contacted, they said Lopez was in the country illegally. He will face a deportation
hearing in the future and may be sent back to Guatemala.
Four suspected illegal immigrants were turned over to the boarder patrol 
after a traffic stop on Route 957 on Saturday around 11:15 p.m. Police say 
Mario O. Lopez, 28, Simon P. Bautista, 28, Antonia C. Bautista, 25, and 
Pable J. Bautista, 31, were found in the vehicle that was pulled over for 
crossing the center line, almost striking the trooper’s car. All four will face 
deportation hearings and may be sent back to Mexico. 


May 10, 2009

RIPLEY – Alejandro Luna, 25, of Leopard Street, Dunkirk was determined to be an illegal immigrant and was turned over to the U.S. border patrol.
Deputies said his status was learned after conducting a records check of Luna who was found standing on the side of West Main Road.
Illegal Immigrant Turned Over To Border Patrol
POSTED: April 5, 2009
A 17-year-old illegal immigrant was turned over to the U.S. Boarder Patrol on Friday after he was involved in a violent fight in front of the Jamestown Police Station.
Around 2:15 a.m., officers saw the 17-year-old male fighting with a 16-year-old female, as the two were reportedly hitting each other with leather belts. An investigation revealed that the male was actually in the country illegally from Guatemala, his country of origin.
He was turned over to federal agents and the 16-year-old female was released to her mother.

Suspected Illegal Immigrants Detained

Men Arrested After Presenting Fake Driver’s Licenses To Casino Employees
By Robert Rizzuto,
POSTED: January 30, 2009
SALAMANCA- Three Chinese nationals suspected of being in the United States illegally are awaiting a deportation hearing following an incident at the Seneca Allegany Casino on Tuesday.
Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s deputies say that around 2:30 a.m., two Chinese men presented fake driver’s licenses to security officials at the Casino to gain access. The casino employees then notified the Sheriff’s Casino Division, a unit of 14 deputies who handle all investigations and crime at and around the casino.
Deputies detained the men, and since they couldn’t speak English, the suspects called a friend to translate for them.
The Casino Division deputies then called officials at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Batavia, and ICE agents took the three men into custody after realizing that the friend called to translate was already known as an illegal immigrant awaiting a removal hearing.
Chung Mau Ling, and Al Jian Gao, both 26, and living in Warren, Pa., were charged with an immigration violation and taken to the federal detention facility in Batavia, where they will be held until removal proceedings can move forward.
The third man, 33-year-old Dao Mou Ni, also living in Warren, Pa., was processed and released, as he is currently involved in removal proceedings.
Deputies said that finding illegal immigrants at the casino ”isn’t common at all,” and the division typically deals with cases of trespassing or attempted cheating.

Three Illegal Chinese Immigrants Arrested In Salamanca

By The Post-Journal Staff
POSTED: January 29, 2009
Three Chinese citizens living in Warren, Pa., were charged with immigration violations at 2:30 a.m. Tuesday at the Seneca Allegany Casino in Salamanca.
Chung Mau Ling, 26, of Warren, Al Jian Gao, 26, and Dao Mou Ni, 33, all of Warren, were all taken to a federal detention facility in Batavia after an investigation by the Cattaraugus County Sheriffs Department.
According to a police report, two men from the Republic of China presented false drivers licenses to employees at the casino, who then notified the Cattaraugus County Sheriffs Department Casino Division, who detained the men for questioning. The men could not speak English, and called a friend to translate for them. The friend was also found to be an illegal immigrant.
Sheriffs deputies then called Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents. They are now being held until removal proceedings can be completed.
January 11, 2009
JAMESTOWN – Jorge W. Sanchez, 23, was arrested by Jamestown Police Friday on a warrant charging him with fourth-degree criminal mischief.
He was an occupant in a vehicle stopped at the intersection of East Second Street and Cheney Street in Jamestown.
Another occupant, identified as Nos Medina, 40, was determined to be an illegal immigrant.
He was turned over to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

Local man among 11 arraigned in illegal immigrant smuggling

POSTED: December 11, 2008
United States Attorney Terrance P. Flynn announced the arraignments on the indictments of 11 defendants, from New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. A local man, Jesus Francisco Escalante of Dunkirk, was one of those arraigned Wednesday in the Western District of New York along with Sergio Antonio Resendiz Martinez of Salamanca; Honorio Banda Mireles of Bradford; Maurilio Bautista Feria of Allegany; Javier Banda Mireles of Depew; Miguel Angel Antimo Mireles of New Martinsville, W.Va.; Alvaro Soto Paz and Agustin Quinones Torres, both of Willoughby, Ohio and Alejandro Garcia of Wheeling, W.Va. Simon Banda Mireles of Depew and Alberto Antimo Mireles of New Martinsville, W.Va. are expected to be arraigned before U.S. Magistrate Judge Hugh B. Scott today. Each of the defendants was charged with harboring and concealing illegal aliens, primarily undocumented Mexicans, who had been smuggled into the United States for the purpose of employing these aliens at seven Mexican restaurants, three in Western New York, one in Bradford, one in Mentor, Ohio, one in Wheeling, W.Va. and one in New Martinsville, W.Va. Harboring illegal aliens carries a maximum punishment of 10 years in prison and/or a $250,000 fine. Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert C. Moscati stated that Simon Banda Mireles, Sergio Antonio Resendiz Martinez and Javier Banda Mireles were charged with engaging in Forced Labor, which carries a maximum of 20 years in prison and or a $250,000 fine. Flynn noted that the Forced Labor charges constitute a violation of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, a focus of the district’s Human Trafficking Task force and Alliance (WDNY HTTFA). The WDNY HTTFA, one of 42 nationwide, is a collaboration of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and non-government service organizations working together to identify, rescue and assist victims of human trafficking, human smuggling and other civil and human rights offenses in the 17 counties of the district, through aggressive investigation, prosecution, training, education and outreach to law enforcement, non-government organizations, vulnerable and affected persons and the general public. “These indictments demonstrate that employers operating businesses illegally in the United States that take advantage of vulnerable illegal immigrants and jeopardize legitimate businesses face serious repercussions for their criminal activity”, said Lev J. Kubiak, Special Agent in Charge of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). “ICE continues to aggressively target employers who use illegal alien workers to gain an unfair business advantage and take jobs away from legal workers.” Flynn and Kubiak commended the assistance and leadership provided to this investigation by the New York State Police under the direction of Major Matthew S. Renneman and the Cheektowaga Police Department under the direction of Chief Christine Ziemba.

Buffalo clerk, 61, spared jail time for driving illegal alien prostitute

POSTED: December 10, 2008
BUFFALO – An upstate New York law clerk who drove a prostitute to a men’s club convention in Kentucky has been placed in home confinement for four months, and must forfeit the motor home he drove in.
Michael Stebick also was fined $5,000 and ordered to perform 250 hours of community service as part of a sentence imposed by U.S. District Judge William Skretny in Buffalo Tuesday.
The 61-year-old Orchard Park resident, along with a state Supreme Court judge and a police captain, were arrested in an investigation of human trafficking activities by the Royal Order of Jesters men’s club.
Authorities say Stebick drove the prostitute, an illegal alien, across state lines in 2005 for a convention of Jesters, who put her up in a hotel.
POSTED: October 28, 2008
RANDOLPH – Juan B. Justo, 22, Rigoberto V. Justo, 44 and Ricardo A. Justo, 17, all of Randolph were taken into custody Friday. According to police, a traffic complaint on Route 394 stated that one of the suspects was operating a tractor unsafely. The suspect drove by while the patrol was interviewing the complaint and was stopped. The patrol learned that Juan Justo was an illegal immigrant along with his brother and father and were working at an area farm. All three were taken to State Police at Jamestown, where immigration and Customs Enforcement officials responded to take them into custody.
September 5, 2008
Fredonia Police

Fernando Vega-Hernandez, 28, of Main Street, Dunkirk was charged Aug. 18 with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. Further investigation showed Vega was an illegal immigrant and he is being held at Chautauqua County Jail.
Mentor restaurant part of five-state raid (Jalapeno Loco in Mentor is mentioned-smuggling illegals)
April 16, 2008 | Robert L. Smith
CLEVELAND (AP) — Federal immigration authorities raided seven Mexican restaurants in four states Wednesday, arresting 56 people, including 11 accused of conspiring to harbor illegal immigrants.
The immigrants were primarily undocumented Mexicans forced to staff the restaurants for long hours with little pay to work off smuggling fees and rent, authorities said.
Ten individuals were arrested in Mentor and Willoughby in northeast Ohio, at Jalapeno Loco Mexican Restaurant and two houses, said Greg Palmore, spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Two face charges of conspiring to harbor illegal immigrants and the rest face immigration violations.
The arrests began at 6 a.m. in Ohio, western New York, Bradford, Pa., and Wheeling and New Martinsville, W.Va. They were the result of a two-year investigation, Palmore said.
The restaurants’ owner, Jorge Delarco of Depew, N.Y., is charged with conspiring to harbor illegal immigrants, which carries a five-year maximum jail sentence upon conviction. It was not immediately known if he had a lawyer.
“Employers who exploit illegal alien labor to reap greater profits for themselves can expect to pay a high price for their greed,” said Julie L. Myers, assistant secretary of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Agents also raided Pilgrim’s Pride poultry plants in five states Wednesday in a crackdown on an alleged scam to provide fake identification for illegal immigrant workers, authorities said.
More than 100 people were expected to be charged in the raids at the nation’s largest chicken producer, Myers said.
WNY Part of 5 State Immigration Raid
Posted by Maria Sisti for WGRZ TV, April 16, 2008
A Buffalo-area restaurant owner and 10 business associates are accused of smuggling illegal Mexican immigrants into the U.S. to work in restaurants in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.
Raids took place in several locations Wednesday morning throughout western New York where it’s believed illegal immigrants were allegedly working or living. Two of the sites include El Caporal Restaurants on both Union Road and Dingens Street in Cheektowaga.
Federal authorities say they arrested Jorge Delarco of Depew, several of his restaurant managers and 45 illegal immigrants during early morning raids in those states. They also searched the Georgia home of Delarco’s sister.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities say the illegal workers were forced to staff the Mexican restaurants for long hours with little pay to work off smuggling fees and rent.
Delarco and his associates are charged with conspiring to harbor illegal aliens. Delarco is due in court Wednesday afternoon.




  • Albany, New York (added 7/26/09 – see below)

  • Bay Shore, New York

  • Brentwood, New York

  • Central Islip, New York

  • Farmingville, New York

  • Mamaroneck, New York (added 11/12/08 – see below)

  • New York City, New York

  • Peekskill, New York

  • Port Chester, New York (added 11/12/08 – see below)

  • Riverhead, New York

  • Shirly/Mastic, New York

  • Spring Valley Village, New York

  • Uniondale, New York

  • Westbury, New York

  • White Plains, New York (added 11/12/08 – see below)

Albany, NY Council adopts don’t ask policy
Non-binding resolution directs cops not to ask one’s immigration status
ALBANY — The city waded cautiously into the national immigration debate Monday night when lawmakers called on police and other public safety workers not to ask people their immigration status if they are “not posing a threat to the community.”The Common Council approved the measure 14-0, with one member absent from the chamber, only after adding a clause that specifically said the intent was not to encourage people to live illegally in the United States.Rather, supporters said, the resolution is meant to encourage a climate of trust and acceptance that will among other things enable immigrants — documented and otherwise — to access emergency services without fear of arrest and detention. See for full story

Nomination of Mamaroneck, Port Chester, and White Plains, NY as sanctuary cities
(Editor: The following was received from one of our web site users November 12, 2008)
“I would like to nominate Port Chester, NY as a sanctuary city here in the State of New York.To be quite honest I don’t know of any regulations and haven’t looked into it to be fair to the Village of Port Chester. But I do know just from living here for the last three years. The downtown village is full everyday with the day workers whom are all illegal. Even during the day they are all hanging out in front of all the churches. The schools have gone to crap and our only hospital here United Hospital closed up several years ago which serviced (the Harrison, Rye, Rye Brook areas) due to the influx of the illegals.”I know Mamaroneck, NY is also another village that I consider a Sanctuary City as well. They even built a special meeting hall courtesy of the Mamaroneck tax payers (and perhaps even some monies went into that from the county tax payers although I cannot say for sure) that is where they can commune together in the morning and wait to be picked up by various construction outfits looking for day workers. So I definitely would consider adding Mamaroneck on your list. White Plains, NY is another, you can more than likely add several other villages from Westchester County, NY. The ones who don’t have the problem are the ones where only the extreme wealthy can live, e.g. Scarsdale, Rye, Eastchester, Harrison.I am very active with other causes but will look into the regulations with regards to the Village of Port Chester and see what I come up with.”(Name withheld for privacy purposes)

An Accident Waiting to Happen
By MICHELLE COTTLE for the New York Sun, June 8, 2008At the Oct. 30 debate in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton could not explain whether she supported a proposal to provide driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants in New York.No candidate could have survived this primary’s 1,018 debates without the occasional misstep. But her refusal to take a clear stand fit too neatly into the image of her as a slippery operator willing to say and do anything to win. And just like that, the 16-year stockpile of public ambivalence about and obsession with the Clintons boiled over.

Immigration Foes Will Search for Common Ground at Conference
By SARAH GARLAND for the New York Sun, May 30, 2008A debate over whether local law enforcement should enforce federal immigration laws is among the emotionally rife questions about illegal immigrants that will stir up New York City’s relatively placid immigration politics next week.At a conference on Monday organized by John Jay College of Criminal Justice’s Center on Media, Crime, and Justice, proponents of using police to round up illegal immigrants will face off against advocates of giving illegal immigrants official identification cards, job opportunities, and housing.

NY State Introduces Bill To Ban Sanctuary Cities & Require Enforcement Of Immigration
Peter Gadiel for Family Security Matters, April 24, 2008Few Americans are aware that currently almost no state and local police are permitted to enforce U.S. immigration law. This is a situation brought about intentionally by the illegal alien/open borders lobby in order to allow illegal aliens to avoid capture and deportation.Prior to, and even long after 9/11, there were fewer than 2,000 federal agents assigned to what is known as “internal enforcement” of immigration law, and no state or local police were enlisted or permitted to assist these understaffed federal agents. Even FBI agents were not empowered to enforce these laws.The failure to enlist the 700,000 state and local police in enforcing immigration law was a major cause of the mass murders of September 11th, and of the thousands of murders, vehicular homicides, rapes and other crimes Americans have suffered at the hands of illegal aliens, before and after 9/11/01.Since 1996, under the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRAIRA), federal law under section 287g of the Act has permitted state and local police to obtain training in immigration law and enforcement powers. However, due to the power of the illegal alien lobbyists, few jurisdictions have taken advantage of this authority. As a result, the number of crimes committed has increased at a terrible rate.

WNY Part of 5 State Immigration Raid
Posted by Maria Sisti for WGRZ TV, April 16, 2008A Buffalo-area restaurant owner and 10 business associates are accused of smuggling illegal Mexican immigrants into the U.S. to work in restaurants in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.Raids took place in several locations Wednesday morning throughout western New York where it’s believed illegal immigrants were allegedly working or living. Two of the sites include El Caporal Restaurants on both Union Road and Dingens Street in Cheektowaga.Federal authorities say they arrested Jorge Delarco of Depew, several of his restaurant managers and 45 illegal immigrants during early morning raids in those states. They also searched the Georgia home of Delarco’s sister.Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities say the illegal workers were forced to staff the Mexican restaurants for long hours with little pay to work off smuggling fees and rent.Delarco and his associates are charged with conspiring to harbor illegal aliens. Delarco is due in court Wednesday afternoon.

No Asylum: Second Circuit Struggles with Immigration Caseload
Posted by Ashby Jones for the Wall Street Journal, April 15, 2008Perhaps we were naive. But one of the most striking (dare we say, disillusioning?) impressions we had during our clerkship was how, well, underpolished many of the briefs were. There were grammatical errors, spelling mistakes (as bloggers, we know we can’t throw a lot of stones on this front). Even worse were the briefs containing arguments that went round in circles or went nowhere at all, case citations that just didn’t make sense. Briefs like that were not only headache-inducing, but a little depressing, too. Wow, we’d think. Does the client really know what he or she is paying for?We were reminded of that feeling this morning while reading Adam Liptak’s column in the NYT on the reams of briefs pouring into the Second Circuit from immigration lawyers. In recent years, writes Liptak, the number of immigration appeals has more than quintupled, a result of revisions to the way immigration cases are handled. Liptak cites a study revealing that seven small immigration firms each had more than 100 appeals pending in the Second Circuit in the spring of 2005.There is, Judge Robert A. Katzmann wrote for a panel of Second Circuit judges in February, a “disturbing pattern of ineffectiveness” at the lower levels of the immigration bar, one that rears its head in the appeals courts with “alarming frequency.”

Port Chester bride picked up by immigration officials
By Leslie Korngold for The Journal News • April 14, 2008PORT CHESTER – The bride did not show up this morning – in court, that is.Fabiana Reyes, the newlywed whose wedding reception allegedly drove her to violence, was in the custody of federal immigration authorities today, which is why she missed her village court appearance on a felony criminal mischief charge, according to a law enforcement official.Reyes, 41, was accused of damaging drums belonging to the band hired to play at her wedding reception April 5. Investigators said she lashed out in a dispute about the music being played at the St. Peter’s Episcopal Church parish hall.The wedding melee resulted in the arrest of Reyes, her groom Elmo Jesus Fernandez, 42, and their daughter, Helen Fernandez, 21.Reyes was shipped off to County jail for lack of $500 bail on a felony criminal mischief charge, while her husband and daughter were able to post bail.A routine check on Reyes’ immigration status after her arrest resulted in federal immigration authorities picking her up some time after she posted bail on the local charge on April 8.Authorities said Reyes was having a bail hearing today related to deportation proceedings commenced against her. She is expected to be in Village Court April 28 on the local charge.The Long Goodbye – Attention, immigrants: Report to the Office of Detention and Removal
By Maria Luisa Tucker for the Village Voice, April 8, 2008Immigration foes have reason to rejoice: ICE, the aptly acronymed Immigration and Customs Enforcement arm of the Department of Homeland Security, seems to have finally found its stride. Funding for crackdowns and border security has tripled since 2001, and Homeland Security is now, more than ever before, hunting down and kicking out legions of immigrants with criminal records—many of whom have been hiding in plain sight in prisons and jails.Yes, much to the sorrow of people like Haitian immigrant Jean Montrevil, ICE is now surprisingly efficient. New York’s ICE office has rounded up immigrants with criminal pasts who have been here undisturbed for decades without so much as a peep from its predecessor, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). Montrevil, at least, has apparently led a clean life for almost two decades.Just last year, the agency identified for deportation 164,296 people who were incarcerated in federal, state, and local prisons and jails. In New York alone, Immigration officers snagged 700 convicted sex offenders, 205 violent foreign-born gang members, and even the head of a Chinese organized-crime ring. Many were caught simply through better screening of inmates at Rikers and of parolees.

Gillibrand, fellow moderates caught in immigration debate
By JENNIFER A. DLOUHY, Times union, March 16, 2008WASHINGTON — A Republican push for a new tough-on-immigration bill is putting moderate Democrats such as U.S Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-Greenport, in the hot seat.Gillibrand, a freshman lawmaker who unseated four-term Republican John Sweeney, has signed up to co-sponsor an immigration enforcement bill sponsored by Rep. Heath Shuler, D-N.C. But she has declined to support a Republican-led move to bring the measure to an immediate floor vote.Shuler’s bill would boost the number of Border Patrol agents by 8,000 and require employers within four years to begin using a government database to verify that their workers are legal. More than 50,000 employers now voluntarily use the screening program, known as E-Verify.Advocates of liberalized immigration laws have said that such tougher enforcement proposals should be paired with a new work visa and possibly a new path to citizenship for most of the 12 million or more illegal immigrants estimated to be living already within U.S.

Woman Sentenced For Immigration Fraud Scheme
North Country Gazette, February 21, 2008QUEENS—A Queens business owner who, with her brother, a former immigration official, engaged in a multimillion-dollar immigration fraud scheme, has been sentenced to 30 months in prison.Beverly Mozer-Browne, 50 and her brother, Philip Brown, pleaded guilty on Sept. 7, 2007 to participating in the scheme. The sentence was imposed by U.S. District Judge Lawrence M. McKenna in Manhattan federal court, who also ordered Mozer-Browne to forfeit $1 million and properties.

In Guilty Plea, Actress’s Killer Changes Story to Robbery
By ANEMONA HARTOCOLLIS for the New York Times, February 15, 2008An illegal immigrant from Ecuador changed his story and pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter in the death of Adrienne Shelly, a filmmaker.

Lawmaker on Long Island Wants Worker Status Verified
By COREY KILGANNON for the New York Times, February 1, 2008HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. — In the latest move on eastern Long Island to crack down on illegal immigrants, a freshman Suffolk County legislator proposed a bill on Thursday that would require the estimated 15,000 licensed contractors there to verify their workers’ legal status.

Warehouse Workers Quit in Immigration Inquiry
By NINA BERNSTEIN for the New York Times, December 13, 2007Fresh Direct, the online grocery delivery operation, lost dozens of employees this week after federal immigration officials notified the company that its employee records were under investigation.

The Yes, No and Maybe on Driver’s Licenses
New York Times, 11/1/07In the Democratic debate on Tuesday night, Tim Russert, the moderator, tried to pin down Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on letting illegal immigrants obtain driver’s licenses:

N.Y. Will Offer Secure Driver’s Licenses to Citizens
Associated Press, 10/28/07Illegal Immigrants Will Be Allowed to Get a Version, a Move Homeland Security Secretary Criticizes

The owner of seven Mexican restaurants including one in Allegany, Ny, Lakewood, Ny, and one in Bradford, Pa., and 10 of his restaurant managers were arrested by Wednesday morning for hiring illegal Mexican immigrants to staff restaurants while paying them little and offering poor housing, federal officials said.

Simon Banda, an illegal immigrant who went by the name Jorge Delarco, was arrested at his Depew home during the Wednesday morning raids by federal, state and local law enforcement agents in five states.Agents also executed search warrants at Banda’s Mexican restaurants in four states, including Don Lorenzo Mexican Restaurant in Allegany and La Herradura Mexican Restaurant in Bradford, Pa., both of which were not open yesterday. They also searched six residences of owners and managers, 12 apartments used to house illegal immigrants and a safe deposit box in Dunkirk. Banda’s sister’s home in Georgia was also searched.The raids were the result of a nearly two-year investigation, said Terrance P. Flynn, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of New York. The raids also netted 45 illegal aliens at 10 different sites in four states, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).The restaurant managers who were arrested were Sergio Resendiz of Salamanca, Maurilio Feria of Allegany, Jesus Escalante of Dunkirk, Honorio Banda of Bradford, Pa., Javier Banda of Depew, Alberto Antimo and Miguel Antimo, both of New Martinsville, W. Va., Alejandro Garcia of Wheeling, W. Va., and Alvaro Soto of Willoughby, Ohio. Another individual is still being sought.Banda created a false identity using the birth certificate of a Honduran man, Lev Kubiak, acting special agent in charge of the ICE in Buffalo, told the Associated Press. It is unknown when Banda entered the United States, he said. Banda was given temporary protection status and permission to work in this country as Delarco, the AP reported.To find restaurant workers, Banda “would contact friends and family in Mexico looking for individuals who would pay $2,700 or $2,000 to be smuggled into this country,” Mr. Flynn told the AP.Banda would then pay off the workers’ smuggling debt and then force them to work it off with 72-hour work weeks while living in substandard apartments, Mr. Flynn said. He would then skim about $140,000 from each of his restaurants annually and keep the money in bank safe deposit boxes and at his sister’s home, the AP reported. Restaurant managers went along with Banda’s hiring and booking practices, officials said. Some managers were also in the country illegally, authorities said.Banda appeared in court without a lawyer Wednesday afternoon and was given until Friday to hire one. Magistrate Judge Hugh Scott ordered him detained until then, as he is a Mexican citizen who is in the country illegally, the AP reported.Six restaurant managers, including two of Banda’s brothers, also made an initial appearance. Javier Banda of Depew was released on $5,000 bail, whole Honorio Banda of Bradford, Pa., was held because he is allegedly in the country illegally, the AP reported. One other manager was released on bail, another was held because of outstanding warrants and the others were detained because of their illegal status, the AP reported.In Allegany, a sign on Don Lorenzo Mexican Restaurant said it was closed until further notice. Residents had complained about the operation of the restaurant during a village of Allegany board meeting in July.During that meeting, a petition was presented to the board signed by residents who were offended by the stench from raw by-products of beef, poultry and fish that were overflowing in a dumpster in an alley near the restaurant. The residents also complained about grease being dumped into the village sewer. At the time, the board had stated it would make sure the restaurant was meeting codes set by the New York State Health Department.At the La Herradura Restaurant in Bradford, Pa., a sign posted on the door stated the restaurant was closed on Wednesday, but would reopen today.At the La Herradura Restaurant in Bradford, Pa., a sign posted on the door stated the restaurant was closed on Wednesday, but would reopen today.An employee with the restaurant, who asked not to be identified, said she had been called early Wednesday and told not to come in to work. The employee, who was near tears, said she couldn’t say how many employees were affected or would be removed because of the incident.
The restaurant opened in 2002 in Bradford and was helped by the Bradford Office of Economic and Community Development with establishing the business.…8792093212.txt
October 9, 2006, – 5:23 pm

Western Union: Hawala for Illegal Alien Paymasters

By Debbie Schlussel
**** UPDATE: I forgot to start this out with the most important part: This is the story of doing the job some Americans just won’t do. The Arizona Attorney General is doing the job against Western Union that one American, Julie L. Myers, head of ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement), just won’t do–investigating the pay scheme that gets illegal aliens smuggled into the U.S. from Mexico. Stopping the money flow will aid in stopping the illegal alien flow. END UPDATE ****
How do illegal alien smugglers get paid? They get money wired to them in Mexico from others here in the U.S. . . . VIA WESTERN UNION.
That’s right Western Union is the legal Hawala (Islamic money transfer system) for illegal aliens, only in this case it’s not necessarily Muslim.
Today’s Wall Street Journal (subscription only) has a very interesting article about something we’ve been hearing about. Western Union makes millions in the illegal alien trade, and it’s not just from aliens wiring money back to relatives back in Mexico. A lot of it is from relatives or employers of illegal aliens here wiring the money to Mexico to the heads of smuggling cartels, once they determine that their smugglee is here.
According to the Wall St. Journal, the brave person doing the crackdown is a State official and predictably, Western Union is upset over this loss of a huge source of its revenue. A few excerpts:
In late September, Arizona General Terry Goddard moved to block electronic payments to traffickers obtaining warrants to seize all Western Union money transfers of at least $500 going to the Mexican state of Sonora, directly south of the Arizona border, and originating in 29 U.S. state–including California, New York, Florida, Illinois and Georgia. . . .
In court filings, Western Union called Arizona’s use of the warrants a “threat of incalculable damages.” The crackdown is harming innocent people, whose money is being held indefinitely, Western Union says. “May of the people are just frightened,” Chief Executive Christina Gold said in an interview. “Some of them don’t speak Engllish and are not sure what’s going on.”
Uh, Christina and Western Union, ya think the fact they don’t speak our language is a hint they ain’t legal?
The Journal also reports that Western Union clerks were caught taking bribes in exchange for accepting fake IDs from a recipient and
[an Arizona] audit found that in certain outlets more than half of the recipients of money transfers used fake Social Security cards to pick up funds.
So what Does Western Union say? Basically, screw you, America:
Western Union says there isn’t much it can do about money tranferred legally over its network but that may be part of an illegal enterprise. “We are not . . . law enforcement agents,” Western Union said in a statement.
And Western Union whines Arizona laws restricting money transfers are “exceedingly strict.” as they should be.
Western Union moved $42 billion around the globe, last year, and takes a good cut of what it moves. But apparently, that’s not enough. Western Union was just spun off from its parent company, and it’s desperate to get its share price up. More of what I’ve been writing about with regard to capitalism without limits. Western Union is bummed out that since the Arizona AG has been enforcing the law,
money transfers year-to-date between the U.S. and Mexico grew only 3% compared with a year earlier.
Arizona officials estimate that 95% of illegal aliens crossing the border contract with smuggling cartels in Mexico, charging $1,600 per alien they bring over the border. When their friends or employers wire payment to Mexico, they are released to their custody.
Over a two-month period in early 2005, $28 million was wired from the U.S. to Sonora . . . . The Arizona Attorney General says $19 million–or 67% of the total–was wired to just eight Western Union agents [out of 201 licensed in the area] in five Mexican cities . . .–all “launching pads on or near the Arizona border where groups of immigrants gather to cross illegally.
In the Sonoran city of Altar, a bustling town 50 miles south of Sasabe, a border village that is a popular crossing point, one Western Union customer received $68,000 in 34 payments over a two-month period, or $2,000 every two days. “The apparent brazen activity of pick-up operators in northern Sonora is no doubt due to the complete lack of law-enforcement investigation of wires sent to those locations,” states an affidavit sworn by Daniel Kelly, a financial cimres investigator with the Arizona Department of Public Safety.
Spurred by those findings, Mr. Goddard, that state Attorney General, early this year began ordering Western Union to fingerprint recipients, demand multiple forms of identification and take other precautions. Frustrated that transfers to coyotes appeared to be shifting outside Arizona, Mr. Goddard moved to begin seizing transfers from other states in September. Western Union responded by seeking court relief.
“It’s gone from ‘amicable’ and ‘in discussions’ to bringing this to court,” says Mr. Goddard, who adds he still hopes to negotiate a settlement with Western Union.
We hope Western Union doesn’t just get to pay a few mill, Wal-Mart style, and get away with it. Arizona allowed Western Union to pay $3 million to end a state probe regarding agents who accepted fake or illegible ID cards.
**** UPDATE: Reader T.S. writes:
Dear Deb,
If you divide the $28 million sent to Mexico for the $1,600 per head fee for smuggling you get 17,500 more illegal aliens committing crimes, lowering wages and voting in liberals in a 2 month period. Those are impressive numbers.
Keep up the good work.
Yes, negatively impressive, unfortunately.
The local Walmart (newington, ct) has Western Union service (at the customer service desk) where the rate to Mexico is discounted below the rates for anywhere else (including the US).
Are you aware that Bank of America does it for FREE? A lot of advertising was done to promote the goodwill of the bank as well, at least for a short period. Add to the fact that they get $30-something for ANY overdraft, you can see they make BILLIONS in luring the illegal/visa immigrants to bank with them.
Hi Debbie,
I used to work at the Service Desk for a discount department store chain in Denver, Colorado and 99% of our business in wire transfers (Western Union) were Mexican & South American immigrants (most Mexican, and most likely illegal immigrants) who used Mexican Consulate IDs to conduct the transfers. I will say that most of the receivers shared last names with the senders of my customers at the time (3 years ago).
I can honestly say I never lied about the kind of ID used – IIRC I always signified Mexico, or Consulate ID with the number used – never stated it was a driver’s license or something like that. I often wondered why these people didn’t get caught sending hundreds of dollars to relatives back “home”…
I don’t know what Western Union can do to curb this activity because as an agent most that I know of aren’t really overseen by Western Union itself. I think it would take a huge effort on the part of individual store owners that contract with Western Union (perhaps that is why they think they’re safe – plausible deniability type stuff). Not that it can’t be done, especially in free-standing Western Union owned and operated outlets.
Literally thousands of dollars were passed through our store to destinatons in Mexico, and other parts of South America every week. It bothered me greatly because most of these people were likely illegal immigrants, and it hurts our economy for this to keep happening, especially if these funds are gained by breaking the laws to work in the first place…
Somehow, we’ve got to figure out how to stop this. Many don’t realize how much this really costs our country in “hidden” fees and costs.

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